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Digital Trends CES 2023 Tech For Change Award Winners Feature

Digital Trends’ Tech For Change CES 2023 Awards

Of all the world-changing technologies and innovative ideas on display at CES 2023, these ones impressed us the most.
Best of CES 2023 Awards Our Top Tech from the Show Feature

Digital Trends’ Top Tech of CES 2023 Awards

The G-Shock MRG-B5000B.

This $4,000 titanium beauty is the ultimate square G-Shock

A man sets up RFID technology in the Ravens stadium.

The NFL wants to predict injuries before they happen. Here’s how

The Protect3d 3D scanning process.

Fighting football injuries with 3D-printed, hyper-personalized pads

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and Watch 4 side-by-side.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Classic hands-on review: Your choice of sporty or stylish

Portrait Watch Face in WatchOS 8

WatchOS 8 adds fun and color to the Apple Watch

Fitbit Versa 3 smartwatch on wrist

Which Fitbit should you buy on Prime Day?

nomad titanium steel band apple watch hands on photos price release date and bands

Nomad’s new Titanium and Steel Bands are the treat your Apple Watch deserves

casio g shock steel gst b400 hands on features price photos release date buttons

Slim new G Steel is the ideal introduction to the G-Shock’s unbreakable watches

OnePlus Watch Wrist Press Photo

The OnePlus Watch is coming, and I’m skeptical it’ll be any good

hublot big bang e premier league hands on features price photos release date

Why it’s fine the Big Bang e is a cool Hublot watch, but not a great smartwatch

a cheap fitness band is still better than smartwatch willful smart watch and mi 5

Style-deprived fitness bands have helped cheap, ugly smartwatches to flourish

Cheap smartwatches, some as little as $40, look tempting, but don't dismiss the humble, equally cheap fitness band just because these days, they have no style.
7 reasons to spend 150 on an airpop active halo smart mask app filter light

7 reasons you should spend $150 on a smart face mask. Yes, really

When cloth masks are so cheap, is there a reason to spend $150 on a flashy smart mask? I've been wearing the AirPop Active+ Halo Smart Mask to find out.
revisiting the mobvoi ticwatch pro 3 lte dial

We’re into 2021 and the Ticwatch Pro 3 still has no competition in Wear OS world

A new version of the Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 3 with 4G LTE was recently released, making it a good time to revisit the smartwatch and see if it's still best.
apple watch se review activity rings

Way more than watches: Where wearables are going

Next-gen wearables will be much more than watches. They'll help us train our bodies, stay healthy, and give us amazing new powers. Here’s what’s coming.
porsche design huawei watch gt2 product name hands on features price photos release date pocket

The luxury Porsche Design Huawei Watch GT2 is all about the name

Porsche Design has teamed up with Huawei once again to produce a great looking version of its latest smartwatch. We find out what makes it special.
apple watch series 6 review back

How to measure blood oxygen using an Apple Watch Series 6

Considering getting an Apple Watch Series 6 to keep tabs on your health? Here's how you can use the watch to monitor blood oxygen levels for health or fitness.
smartphone size design for woman hand vid1 00 52 01 still003

Why aren’t smartphones designed for a woman’s hand size?

As smartphone sizes exploded, more than half of the population was left wondering how they were going to use the new super-sized devices.

Sleep tracking is coming to Apple Watch, but monitoring your sleep is a bad idea

The Apple Watch is adding sleep-tracking features, but wearables have a bad track record for sleep tracking, so we recommend charging overnight instead.
Researchers at TU Graz present tattoo electrodes from the printer, which are particularly attractive for long-term medical diagnostics.

Brainwave-reading temporary tattoos could take wearable tech to the next level

Researchers in Europe have developed electrode-sporting temporary tattoos that may one day be used to read brainwaves. Here's why they could be a game-changer.
teslar electromagnetic hypersensitivity watch interview pocket

Wellness wonder cure or a wonderful Swiss watch? The Teslar watch isn’t both

At first glance, the Teslar Re-Balance T-1 Chrono is a beautiful Swiss-made timepiece most people would be proud to have on their wrist. Look deeper, and it promises wellness benefits to those concerned electromagnetic fields are affecting their lives. We spoke to the company's CEO to find out more.
honor magicwatch 2 hands on features price photos release date face

Honor’s MagicWatch 2 wins at fitness tracking, but fails to set itself apart

The Honor MagicWatch 2 closely resembles the Huawei Watch GT 2 in design and features, yet costs considerably less. Does this make it the smartwatch to buy at the moment? We've been wearing it to find out, and although the fitness tracking is great, the rest of the smartwatch features still need work.
dnanudge dna shopping ces2020 green

Company uses genetic secrets of your DNA to spur healthier eating, longer life

Can you avoid health problems that are genetic? Using your DNA, it is potentially possible to understand what food and lifestyle choices will minimize the chances of developing those conditions that your body is predisposed to develop. DnaNudge uses a wristband and an app, along with your DNA, to improve your life.
suunto s7 smartwatch news price pictures release face

Hardcore Suunto 7 smartwatch takes on Apple Watch in its toughest race yet

Hardcore fitness smartwatch brand Suunto has made the Suunto 7, a new watch that continues its sporting tradition but adds in a lifestyle look and some clever battery-saving technology to make it attractive to new fans. This means the company has to compete with winning smartwatches like the Apple Watch.
The Motorola Razr being held up near a wall.

The new RAZR is cool, but we can’t forget about Motorola’s biggest design flops

While there’s already an overwhelming rush of optimism for the new Razr, not all of Motorola's ambitious efforts yielded success for the company in the past. While Moto's shown us again that it dares to innovate with bold designs, being first isn't always best, and experiments sometimes fail.
honor band 5 trusleep sleep tracking review

The Honor Band 5 is a cheap answer to the Apple Watch’s lack of sleep tracking

Frustrated by the Apple Watch’s lack of sleep tracking, but love it for everything else? Yes, us too, but we’ve found a solution that doesn’t involve messing around with an app. The Honor Band 5 with TruSleep technology seems to be highly effective, and it can be had for a really cheap price.
Versa 2

Why would Google want to buy Fitbit?

Why would Google want to buy Fitbit? Though Fitbit is a big player in the wearables market, it is struggling to transition from fitness trackers to smartwatches. Google's Wear OS has not given it much of a foothold, and it has smartwatch ambitions. Could this be a marriage made in heaven or a disaster?
casio gshock gg b100 mudmaster review g shock 7

The G-Shock Mudmaster may be smaller and lighter, but it’s as extreme as ever

Casio has made its previously imposing G-Shock Mudmaster slimmer, lighter, and altogether more wearable using a new carbon fiber monocoque design, while adding Bluetooth connectivity for activity tracking for good measure. The result is more wearable and more appealing to more people.
is apple card worth it feat omg

Is the Apple Card any better than a regular credit card? We asked an expert

If you’re tempted by the allure of the new Apple Card, which is integrated with the iPhone and comes with a titanium backup card for places that don’t accept Apple Pay, then you may be wondering how it compares to the competition. We spoke to some experts to find out if the Apple Card is worth considering.
Ford EksoVest

The future has arrived. Want proof? Check out these amazing robotic exoskeletons

From Aliens’ Power Loader to the Combat Jackets from Edge of Tomorrow, science fiction is full of amazing assistive robot exosuits that can be worn by humans to increase their capabilities. But real life is fast catching up with sci-fi. Here are some of the most exciting real examples.
casio g shock smartwatch ryusuke moriai interview gmwb500v front

Casio’s making a G-Shock smartwatch, and it’s going to be tougher than any other

A Casio G-Shock smartwatch is in development, Casio’s general manager of design, Ryusuke Moriai, tells Digital Trends. The watch is not yet ready for release, but when it does eventually come out, the G-Shock smartwatch will meet the strict standards essential to any timepiece bearing the G-Shock name.
nowa superbe product impressions feat

The Nowa Superbe tracks fitness, without looking like it belongs in the gym

The Nowa Superbe is not a hybrid smartwatch, as it doesn’t deliver notifications, and is instead a basic fitness tracker wearing its best party outfit, for those who hate the idea of wearing a fitness tracker that looks like it really only belongs in the gym. We've worn it for a few days to see how it performs.
robots caregiving for the elderly tombot mem1 feat

The promise and pitfalls of using robots to care for the elderly

There's something dystopian about the idea of a future in which robots care for the elderly. But is this something we should really fight against? A number of new projects show that a future of caregiving robots and artificial intelligence may be just what the doctor ordered.

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