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The best Samsung Galaxy Watch faces

Whether you’re rocking the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or a trusted older model like the Galaxy Watch 2, the best way to customize your watch experience is with a new watch face. There are literally thousands of Samsung Galaxy Watch faces to suit all tastes and moods, from classic and traditional styles to sporty ones.

We’ve picked out some of the best Samsung Galaxy Watch faces for newer watches running WearOS and older models running Tizen. Then, we’ll answer some of your questions about Galaxy Watch faces, like where to find them and how to ensure they’re compatible with your watch. Your new favorite watch face is somewhere on this list!

Some of these watch faces are compatible with watches running WearOS, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic, while others are designed for Tizen watches like the Galaxy Watch 3, so make sure you check out the “Compatible with” section for each face.

Our favorite minimalist watch face: RZ 168 Classic

RZ 168 watch face on a Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Compatible with: Tizen and WearOS watches.

Keep things simple with this free, classic digital watch face. As well as a 12- or 24-hour time display, it has a BPM monitor, step counter, day and date display, weather widget, and simple watch battery indicator. It’s the perfect watch face for those who don’t like to overcomplicate things.

Our favorite workout watch face: ACD Fitness Time

ACD Fitness Time watch face on a Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Compatible with: Tizen and WearOS watches.

A feature-packed fitness face, ACD Fitness Time may look a little busy, but it has all the metrics you need for your workout, and then some. As well as tracking your steps and total distance in miles and kilometers, it also monitors caffeine intake, water intake, running speeds, and more. It’s multilingual, and you can customize the color to suit your workout mood. If we had one negative, it’s that packing in so many features can seem a bit overwhelming.

Our favorite mindfulness watch face: Breathe

Breathe watch face for Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Compatible with: Tizen watches only.

This watch face is a popular choice if you’re looking to achieve inner calm this year. Breathe is a free face that slowly pulses, so you can time your breathing to match, instantly calming you down whenever you feel stressed. The pulse color, hands, and dial are all customizable too, so you can choose your favorite stress-busting color.

Our favorite elegant watch face: Concourse d’Elegance Noir

Concours D'Elegance black and gold watch face on a Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Compatible with: Tizen and WearOS watches.

This watch face is about as simple as they come: Just an analog face showing the time and date, along with a handy battery indicator. We love the rich gold against the black background, making this face great for a night on the town or a day at the office.

Our favorite futuristic watch face: GRR Moon Space II

GRR Moon Space II watch face on a Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Compatible with: Tizen and WearOS watches.

With a dual analog and digital display, this sci-fi-style watch face also shows the date, moon phase, BPM, miles/kilometers, and steps. Just tap to change the color to suit your mood!

Our favorite geeky watch face: Classic  Zelda Master Sword

Classic Zelda Master Sword watch face on a Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Compatible with: Tizen and WearOS watches.

Here’s something for the gamers among us. Fans of Zelda will love this geeky watch face, which has the date and time in a 12/24 hour format and cute little hearts to count down your watch battery. Link’s little buddy Navi’s on hand too with your phone’s battery indicator. There’s also a weather and temperature indicator and step counter.

Our favorite weather watch face: GS Weather 4

Compatible with: Tizen and WearOS watches.

If you’re the kind of person who just has to know what’s happening with the weather — or if you’re the friend always telling people about the upcoming blizzard or storm — then this is the watch face you need. GS Weather 4 is one of the most detailed weather-based watch faces around, displaying wind speed, sunset time, humidity, and moon phase alongside time, day of the week, and temperature. It also tracks GPS coordinates, heart rate, and steps. However, it can be a little buggy, with selected colors resetting, and it may drain your battery.

Our favorite analog watch face: Luminus Metro

Luminus Metro watch face in white for the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Compatible with: Tizen and WearOS watches.

Simple, sleek, analog. The Luminus Metro watch face is our pick for those who want to see the time, day, and date without any confusing features. There’s a step tracker, BPM display, and weather widget, but these don’t detract from the overall sleek style of this white watch face.

Our favorite fun watch face: ACD History Vikings

ACD History Vikings watch face on a Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Compatible with: Tizen watches only.

Finishing up with a fun pick, Vikings seem to be everywhere right now, and what could be better than having an ax for the hour hand and a sword for your watch’s minute hand, set against a shield inscribed with runes? This cool watch face also has a digital clock, and the notches on the shield help you keep an eye on battery life.

The best of the rest

With so many watch faces out there to choose from, we couldn’t stop at just one pick for each category. Here are a few of our other favorites for work, fitness, and fun.

Work watch faces

These professional watch faces won’t look out of place at the office or in an important meeting.

Fitness watch faces

Whether you’re headed to the gym, on a run, or working out at home, these fitness watch faces have you covered.

Fun watch faces

Choose one of these watch faces when life feels a bit too serious — there are loads of fun styles out there.

Frequently asked questions about Samsung Galaxy Watch faces

Where do I get watch faces from?

You can download new watch faces directly from the Galaxy Wearable app or from the Galaxy Store app on your iPhone or Android phone. There are also some great third-party apps available, like Watchmaker and Facer, that have a vast selection of faces for your smartwatch.

How do I add faces to my Samsung Galaxy Watch?

It’s easy to add watch faces to your watch. Once you’ve downloaded your watch face of choice, you can simply tap Install on the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic. On older watches, tap Install > Apply. If you want to customize watch faces, simply touch and hold your watch’s screen to enter edit mode. Tap a watch face to select it. You can also tap Customize to changes features (such as the color of the background). Add widgets too, if they’re available. When you’re finished, just tap OK.

Are watch faces free?

There are loads of free watch faces to choose from. Note that some may have fewer options for customization than paid faces, but you’ll find options to suit all budgets available.

How do I know which faces are compatible with my watch?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 runs WearOS, so you’ll need a WearOS-compatible face. Older watches like the Galaxy Watch 3 run on Tizen OS, so pick a watch face that’s marked as compatible with Tizen.

How do I choose the best watch face?

Think about how you use your watch. If it’s your gym buddy, you’ll probably want a sporty face like ACD Fitness Time. If you wear your watch to the office every day, a classic style like Concourse D’Elegance Noir might suit your needs better. On a day off you might want to switch to something more fun, like the Death Star Enhanced face. One of the joys of the Samsung Galaxy Watch series is that you can swap out your watch face whenever you like, so feel free to download a selection of fun, geeky, futuristic, and elegant faces so that you can change them depending on your mood.

Do watch faces affect battery life?

Watch faces can drain your battery life faster than you expect. To conserve battery life, stick to a darker-colored watch face. You may also find watch faces from third-party apps like Facer drain your battery much faster than faces from the Samsung Store.

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