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Jeremy Kaplan

Jeremy Kaplan

Former Digital Trends Contributor

As Editor in Chief, Jeremy Kaplan transformed Digital Trends from a niche publisher into one of the fastest growing properties in digital media, ranking on the annual Inc 5,000 for three years running. Through DT, he can reach 30 million people every month; the website has over 4 million followers on social media. During his tenure, the publisher has won multiple awards, including a sought-after Digiday Content Marketing Award in 2019. The same year, Jeremy was named one of FOLIO: 100, honoring publishing professionals making an industry-wide impact.

Before joining DT, he served five years as the science and technology editor for, where he made international news through a series of articles exposing Hector Xavier Monsegur as the head of LulzSec, revealing a months-long collaboration with the FBI, and detailing the ultimate takedown by law enforcement officials of the hacker collective.

Kaplan worked for over a decade as an executive editor at Ziff Davis Media, publisher of and Extreme Tech. While there, he helped found the GoodCleanTech blog, which was a 2008 finalist in the MIN Best of the Web Awards and the Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Awards Competition.

He's a sought after tech pundit and futurist who’s worked with organizations like the Consumer Tech Association to identify and highlight the world’s most innovative technology. Kaplan appears regularly on television and radio, including frequent appearances on Fox Business, Reuters, Cheddar, and NPR.

GM electric flying taxi

The future of transportation: Self-driving cars? Try self-driving everything

Self-driving cars are further away than you think, but autonomous planes and trains are more or less here … and will shape transportation in the near future.
surgeons wear Hololens 2 headsets in the OR

The future of surgery: AR, VR, and virtual learning will upend modern medicine

Hololens is like a smartphone for surgery, allowing doctors to collaborate, communicate, and plan procedures more efficiently. And it's only the beginning.
James Cameron holoport with Microsoft's Alex Kippman

Microsoft unveils Mesh, and with James Cameron, dives into mixed reality

At Microsoft Ignite, Avatar and Titanic director James Cameron joined Microsoft for a fully virtual tech conference featuring holoports, a new Mesh, and more.
microsoft mesh hands on hololens control panel

Hands-on with Microsoft Mesh: I handed someone a whale shark, and it was awesome

Microsoft has unveiled Mesh, a cross-technology platform that lets app developers build persistent virtual environments. Thanks to Hololens, I tested it out.
A contact lens from Mojo Vision promises augmented reality

The Future of Vision: Augmented reality contact lenses will make you bionic

Smart contact lenses are finally becoming a reality. And the future of this intriguing technology is nothing like what you might expect.  
Nashlie Sephus

An Amazon A.I. scientist wants to transform downtown Jackson, Mississippi

An Amazon A.I. researcher plans to turn seven buildings and about 500,000 square feet of downtown Jackson, Mississippi, into a technology park and incubator.
Real time biometric info during sports match

The Future of Sports: How biometric data and A.I. will revolutionize athletics

Through biometrics and artificial intelligence, tech is reshaping sports and the athlete of tomorrow. The goal: Solving the puzzle of human performance.
Qualcomm Gen 4 Cockpit Platform HUD

The car of the future? Qualcomm unveils 4th-gen Snapdragon auto platform

Qualcomm unveiled the fourth generation of its is Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit platform, a plug-and-play way to bring modern computing into an ordinary car.
coronavirus covid tech prevention ces 2021 misty robot

Tech for Change: At CES 2021, new devices and tech aim to help beat COVID-19

A variety of innovative tech companies and products coming to CES 2021 can help beat the novel coronavirus. Here’s a look at a few to keep your eyes on.
language barrier real time translation ces 2021 ambassador interpreter lifestyle 3

Tech for Change: New gadgets at CES 2021 finally bridge the language barrier

Tech has turned us all into travelers these days, but language remains a challenging topic -- one tech is actively tackling.
Inside the LVCC during CES 2021

From 200,000 attendees to just one: Here’s what Vegas looks like during CES 2021

CES is the largest convention to hit Las Vegas all year. It means money for cabdrivers, doormen, and waiters. So what happens when CES goes virtual?
The AcquaTap from Exaeris

Tech for Change: At CES 2021, tech promises to create clean, pure water for all

Some 20% of people lack access to drinking water and corporations around the globe contaminate more water than they ever purify. Fortunately, tech can help.
Valencell sensor.

A blood-pressure sensor is the holy grail for wearables. Valencell has one

Biometric company Valencell says it can measure your blood pressure from your wrists and fingers and ears with PPGs, truly transforming our wearable devices.
Netgear's Nighthawk RAXE500 tri-band router.

Netgear’s game-changing Wi-Fi 6e router is here, and it looks like a spaceship

At CES 2021, Netgear announced the Nighthawk RAXE500 tri-band router, the world’s first Wi-Fi 6e router, opening up a new spectrum in the 6GHz range.
samsung smartthings cooking smart hub fridge kitchen ces 2021 ces2021 familyhub rf9000

Smart kitchens do everything but cook, and now Samsung will even help with that

Samsung’s latest kitchen appliances aim to push connected cooking further than ever before. And like it or not, IoT could shape your next dinner party.
hearbles hearing loss ces 2021 nuheara oticon olive pro  black and white

Tech for Change: Can new gadgets at CES 2021 solve hearing loss?

At the 2021 CES show, we expect to see a fleet of true wireless earbuds from a variety of companies that aim to help the hard of hearing in groundbreaking ways.
tech for change save the planet ces 2021 chipolo ocean edition

Tech for Change: CES 2021 reveals new devices and tech to fix the planet

CES 2021 exhibits the small changes to the products we use and the tech we rely on to help us to act locally against climate change, even as we think globally.
blood pressure sleep health monitor ces 2021 tatch hand lifestyle

Tech for Change: CES 2021 reveals new ways to stay healthier than ever before

At 2021 CES, we expect new gadgets to improve our understanding of our health, and keep us fit. Here are a few to keep your eyes on.
The AcquaTap from Exaeris

Could the Exaeris AcquaTap solve the world’s water crisis?

There are 37 quadrillion gallons of water in the air around us today. The Exaeris AcquaTap wants to put it to good use.
brainco dexus prosthetic arm

CES award winners: Where are they now?

Before CES 2021, let’s take a look back at the gear we’ve highlighted from the last decade to see when we picked the marvels … and when we’ve missed the magic.
Sony Vision-S Concept Car

CES 2021 and cars: What we expect in autonomous cars, EVs, and more

With some of the biggest tech companies dipping their toes into the automotive world, what will we see at CES 2021? Here are a few educated guesses at what to watch out for.
apple watch se review activity rings

Way more than watches: Where wearables are going

Next-gen wearables will be much more than watches. They'll help us train our bodies, stay healthy, and give us amazing new powers. Here’s what’s coming.
the most exclusive apple product of all time best 2020 physical award 12022020 big jpg large 2x

Behind the scenes: How Apple designed its most exclusive product ever

Limited to a run of exactly 15, this is Apple’s most exclusive product of all time. It’s pretty amazing – but not as amazing as the people it honors. 
App store icon showing three notifications.

Apple has revealed the best apps of 2020. Here’s what they reveal about us

Apple unveiled its picks for the best apps of 2020, a collection of games, tools, and utilities that have shone throughout this year.
F1 drivers race in the Grand Prix of Turkey.

Red Bull Racing has a secret weapon for Formula One drivers: Sleep

Red Bull Racing has named the Oura Ring -- a smart ring that gathers sleep data on the wearer -- as its first Official Health Technology.
the revolution toaster is outrageous opinion

There’s a $300 toaster called The Revolution, and I can’t even

If you thought the Juicero was insane, there's another outrageous appliance that's aiming to be a home staple -- a $300 toaster called The Revolution.
gps alternatives john deere qualcomm johndeere gps2

Measuring microns: The quest to build a better GPS

Existing GPS systems simply aren't precise enough for certain applications, so companies like John Deere and Qualcomm are building something better
acer jason chen interview pandemic covid gorilla glass antimicrobial corning

Exclusive: From RAM to religion: How Acer is helping the world cope with COVID-19

By bridging faith and innovation, Acer wants to help relieve the anxiety and heartache caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
CES 2019 Crowd Hero Shot

CES 2021 to be powered by the Microsoft cloud: Teams, Azure, and more

The CTA announced CES 2021 would be powered by Microsoft's Teams collaboration environment, the Azure cloud computing service, and the Microsoft Power Platform.
amazon kindle apple ipad mini0sony wh xb900n noise canceling headphones deals back to school sales 2020 2019 review feat 3 72

Best free Kindle books in Spanish

These are the best free books for Kindle, the most popular ebook reader on the market, with thousands of titles on Amazon, Google Play and other sources.
spacexs historic crew dragon mission in pictures elon musk  august 2 2020

Tesla Battery Day: Model S Plaid, Autopilot updates, and all the big news

At Tesla Battery Day and a shareholder meeting, CEO Elon Musk unveiled a new Model S Plaid, updates to electric battery tech and more. Here are the highlights.
vhista iphone app juan david cruz background 1

Engineer’s Vhista app helps blind people to move around the world

From Silicon Valley, Colombian Juan David Cruz tells us why he created the Vhista App, a tool that gives vision to the blind via the iPhone.
The Microsoft Surface Dup foldable smartphone placed on pebbles.

Microsoft Surface Duo review: The future of smartphones is a work in progress

With the Surface Duo, Microsoft wants to rethink what you do with the 7 or 8 ounces of metal and glass you carry everywhere, just as the first iPhone did.
Puma Xetic sneakers

MIT researchers and Puma cook up a new sneaker tech called Xetic

A new midsole sneaker techn from Puma called Xetic looks like a 3D printed model and promises extra support and cushioning for the wearer.