Jeremy Kaplan

Jeremy Kaplan

As Editor in Chief, Jeremy Kaplan transformes Digital Trends from a niche publisher into one of the fastest growing properties in digital media, ranking on the annual Inc 5,000 for three years running. Through DT, he can reach 30 million people every month; the website has over 4 million followers on social media.

Before joining DT, he served five years as the science and technology editor for, where he made international news through a series of articles exposing Hector Xavier Monsegur as the head of LulzSec, revealing a months-long collaboration with the FBI, and detailing the ultimate takedown by law enforcement officials of the hacker collective.

Kaplan worked for over a decade as an executive editor at Ziff Davis Media, publisher of and Extreme Tech. While there, he helped found the GoodCleanTech blog, which was a 2008 finalist in the MIN Best of the Web Awards and the Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Awards Competition.

He's a sought after tech pundit and futurist who’s worked with organizations like the Consumer Tech Association to identify and highlight the world’s most innovative technology. Kaplan appears regularly on television and radio, including frequent appearances on Fox Business, Reuters, Cheddar, and NPR.

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