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Meira Gebel

Meira Gebel

Meira Gebel is a freelance reporter based in Portland. She writes about tech, social media, and internet culture for Digital Trends. Her work has been featured in Business Insider, USA Today, Willamette Week, Detroit Free Press, San Francisco Business Times, and more. Got a tip? Or just want to chat about the Kardashians? Twitter DMs are always open.

Illustration of a woman putting a bitcoin into a piggy bank.

Why crypto’s eco-friendly pivot is perpetually delayed

Switching cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to a proof of stake system could cut their energy use by 99 percent, but doing so is easier said than done.
A portrait of Louisa Heinrich, founder of Superhuman

The UX Pioneer: Louisa Heinrich’s quest to humanize tech

Louisa Heinrich was thinking about user experience long before UX was part of the popular vernacular -- and she has some big ideas on how we can do it better.
A man sets up RFID technology in the Ravens stadium.

The NFL wants to predict injuries before they happen. Here’s how

The NFL doesn't just want to treat injuries after they happen. Instead, it now uses technology to help predict and prevent injuries before they occur.
3d rendering illustration of NFT non fungible token for crypto art on colorful abstract background based in blockchain technology and disruptive monetization in collectibles market.

Cracks in the crypto utopia: How a surge of scams is exposing DeFi’s dark side

Crypto evangelists often tout decentralized finance as being a superior alternative to traditional banking, but ditching the middleman does have some downsides.
Hammer throw athlete Britney Henry in mid-swing

Under the radar: How a 117-year old technology gives Olympic throwers an edge

It takes more than sheer strength to be an elite thrower, so today's top athletes often use a unique kind of radar technology to optimize their performance.
Man riding on a bicycle in the woods wearing Castelli cycling apparel.

Wind breakers: The epic quest to eliminate aerodynamic drag

The faster an athlete travels, the more resistance they meet from the forces of aerodynamic drag. Here's how engineers are helping minimize that problem.

How a well-timed hashtag made Juneteenth an official holiday for millions

The movement to make Juneteenth a federally recognized holiday in the U.S. is gaining steam -- and it's mostly thanks to a well-timed social media campaign.
How to Stay Sane on Mars

Astropsychology: How to stay sane on Mars

Life on Mars: Staying Sane - Astro Psychology

Astropsychology: How to stay sane on Mars

The first humans who visit Mars will face countless challenges, but perhaps the most difficult of all will be maintaining their mental health.
zach king computer screen illusion

An interview with Zach King, the internet’s favorite illusionist

Zach King has been the internet's favorite illusionist for over a decade, but despite his continued success, he says he's just getting started.
Gen Z Women Illustration

Meet Gen Z’s fierce female founders aiming to radically reshape the tech world

Gen Z startup founders are on the rise, and many of them have plans to radically overhaul industries and institutions that haven’t budged for decades.
hyperice hypervolt

On the mend: Inside the rapid recovery tech that keeps NFL players game-ready

In the past, an NFL player's recovery routine was just stretching and rest. Now they use things like cryotherapy, electrostimulation pads, and infrared saunas
tiktok logo

TikTok users are exposing realities of gig work, and Big Tech can’t stop them

Gig economy platforms like Uber, Instacart, and Postmates spend millions of dollars every year circumventing bad press. But they can't stop TikTok users.
teacher leading a remote classroom

Remote work isn’t the future. And that may be for the best

Don't let our current pandemic-driven remote work situation fool you: Working exclusively from home probably won't be the norm in the future.
trump versus biden

Conspiracy theories already spreading ahead of Trump-Biden presidential debate

Right-wing conspiracy theory accounts connected to the group QAnon have been spreading misinformation on Facebook ahead of the first presidential debate.
how to talk friends family about misinformation conspiracy theories qanon

How to talk to your friends and family about misinformation and conspiracy theories

When confronting a family member who shared a post about a conspiracy theory, exercising empathy is first and foremost, experts say.
tiktok logo

TikTok vows to challenge Trump’s ‘unjust’ ban

TikTok said it is prepared to challenge President Donald Trump's ban of the app, calling the president's order to remove the app from app stores unjust.
tiktok logos on microsoft logo

TikTok users mourn, mobilize after Trump moves forward with ban

Creators and users took to TikTok to say their goodbyes — but also voice their dissent — after the Trump administration moved forward with a ban.
QAnon conspiracy theorist holds a sign

How Twitter cut activity on QAnon content by half

Twitter said in the two months since it banned thousands of QAnon-related accounts, activity on QAnon content has been cut in half.
ray-ban, facebook

Ray-Ban is teaming with Facebook on next generation of smartglasses

Facebook is teaming up with Ray-ban to create the next generation of smartglasses, the company announced at its annual AR/VR conference.
facebook hacked

Dozens of celebrities call for one-day boycott of Facebook, Instagram

Dozens of celebrities have joined in a one-day boycott of Facebook led by the Stop Hate for Profit campaign against hate speech on the social media platform.
Bill Gates

Bill Gates doesn’t expect a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year

Microsoft co-founder and philanthropic billionaire Bill Gates said he doesn't anticipate a coronavirus vaccine to be ready by next month.
date night

Black Lives Matter and MAGA hats: Activism and politics are flooding dating apps

More and more singles are using their dating app bios to showcase their stance on politics and social justice. But is it performative activism?
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, addresses Kenosha shooting

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook made ‘operational mistake’ before Kenosha shooting

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressed his company's response to the Kenosha, Wisconsin, shooting that left two dead.
Bryce Hall and Blake Gray face criminal charges

TikTok stars Blake Gray and Bryce Hall charged for partying during pandemic

TikTok megastars Bryce Hall and Blake Gray have been charged for throwing parties during the pandemic, according to Los Angeles authorities.
digital trends live episode 437 106619142 15949038932020 07 16t045305z 1572845887 rc24uh9n1ig1 rtrmadp 0 usa legislation tikt

Walmart joins Microsoft in TikTok acquisition bid, Oracle offers $20 billion

Walmart has reportedly joined forces with Microsoft in a bid to purchase the popular social media app TikTok. But they aren't the only parties interested.
facebook hacked

Facebook calls Kenosha shooting mass murder after event promoted call to arms

In a statement on Wednesday, Facebook denounced the shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, as a "mass murder" after an event on its platform promoted the use of violence.
wordpress vulnerability version 472 plug in

WordPress claims Apple wants 30% of App Store profits even though its free

A founding developer for WordPress, an app that lets users create websites for free, said Apple is preventing the app from being updated in the App Store.
QAnon supporter with Q flag

What is QAnon and where did it come from?

QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory that has gained mainstream attention thanks to coordinated behavior on social media.
Tik Tok app

Can TikTok creators inspire Gen Z to vote in November? Some are betting on it.

Political campaigns are looking at TikTok as the premier place to court Gen Z and first-time voters, while creators rally viewers to get out to the polls.
QAnon conspiracy theorist holds a sign

Facebook removes nearly 800 QAnon-related groups, pages, hashtags, and ads

The social media platform said it will continue to restrict and remove content and accounts that "support violent acts" in a statement on Wednesday.

Lyft also threatens to shut down California operations over worker law

Lyft executives said in an earnings call Wednesday night that it is likely it will suspend California operations over a new law for contractors.
blockchain beyond bitcoin voters cast their ballots on election da

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter team up to fight election interference

Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft are teaming up to form a new coalition against election interference ahead of the 2020 presidential election.
best tiktok alternatives instragram reels

TikTok creators say they’re not switching to Instagram Reels, survey finds

Don't expect TikTok creators to make the jump to Instagram Reels anytime soon. Many are sticking with TikTok because of its preferable algorithms.