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Juliana Davila

Up in the air: How one Texas teacher is preparing for an uncertain future

Juliana Davila teaches students ranging from pre-K to eighth grade. Since distance learning was set in place, she worries what next fall will look like.
trump versus mark zuckerberg

Zuckerberg says Facebook will review content policies after employee outrage

In a post on Facebook, founder Mark Zuckerberg said the social media network plans to review its content policies and products following a tumultuous week.
iphone xr instagram

The rise of ‘swipe-up’ activism on Instagram

Instagram users are sharing links to prewritten emails, the latest viral way to spread social activism amid U.S. protests against racism and police brutality.
Minneapolis police at protest on the death of George Floyd

No, the Minneapolis Police Department didn’t shut down its email account

Social media users are posting about their emails being bounced back from the Minneapolis Police Department. It's not intentional. Servers are overwhelmed.
trump versus mark zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg explains why Facebook didn’t block Trump’s Minnesota post

Zuckerberg addressed Facebook's response to Trump's posts where he wrote regarding the Minneapolis protests, "when the looting starts, the shooting starts."
Trump Twitter

Trump plans executive order targeting social media after Twitter fact-check spat

After threatening to regulate or even shut down social media networks, President Donald Trump plans to soon sign an executive order regarding social media.
Instagram creators

Instagram plays catch-up by finally paying its creators. Will they stay?

Instagram is one of the last major social media platforms to pay its creators for content they make on the app. Experts say it's been a long time coming.
Twitter hiding replies

Twitter just added a new feature that it should’ve had years ago

Twitter's latest "conversation settings" feature lets people pick and choose who can reply to their tweets. This is what users have been waiting for.
dont let the coronavirus crash fool you its still a great time to be youtuber ytcorona concept articlecrop 200515

Don’t let the COVID crash fool you. It’s still a great time to be a YouTuber

Many people thought that the coronavirus pandemic would be the end of influencers. But it's quite the opposite. YouTubers have more eyes than ever on them now.
Google's Logo

Justice Department, several states planning antitrust lawsuit against Google

The Justice Department and a group of state attorney generals are leading the investigation, according to The Wall Street Journal.
Ana Coto TikTok Rollerskates

TikTok roller-skating queen Ana Coto is leading the hobby’s revival

Actress Ana Coto took up roller skating just three years ago. She still considers herself a newbie. Thanks to TikTok, she is inspiring millions to do the same.
fatal shooting facebook live app

Facebook takes down viral ‘Plandemic’ coronavirus conspiracy video

Facebook told Digital Trends in a statement it had removed the 'Plandemic' conspiracy video after the clip suggested "wearing a mask can make you sick."
Work From Home Lunch

Google is tired of employees expensing their lunches while working from home

In a companywide email, Google said it will no longer reimburse employees for food, furniture, and gym memberships while they work from home during coronavirus.
virtual reality zoom coronavirus socially distanced future

Why virtual reality will be a must-have for our socially distanced future

Videoconferencing platforms have exploded since coronavirus. But those looking for more dimensions are turning to virtual reality, and selling out headsets.
how to get out of zoom call meeting politely zoombye illustration

We’re all tired of Zoom calls. Here’s how to get out of them politely

As the coronavirus pushed millions of people inside and onto screens, virtual communication skyrocketed. But as weeks go on, it's become all too tiring.
Amazon Whole Foods

Whole Foods will start giving free face masks to all customers

Whole Foods announced it will begin to provide its customers with face masks prior to shopping. The Amazon-owned grocery store has over 500 stores nationwide.

Marvel just changed the release dates for Thor, Doctor Strange, and more

Release dates of highly anticipated Marvel sequels are being shuffled around as Disney deals with production setbacks due to the coronavirus pandemic.

FDA says it’s a terrible idea to use hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus at home

The FDA issued a warning in late April about the potentially life-threatening side effects of using hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine to treat the coronavirus.
health worker with face shield

WHO warns that coronavirus antibody tests won’t save us

The World Health Organization (WHO) said Friday that antibody, or serology, tests have not shown to prove a patient has developed immunity to the coronavirus.
how did the us botch its stimulus check rollout so badly stimulusdelays illustration 200416

How did the U.S. botch its stimulus check rollout so badly?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is responsible for paying out the coronavirus stimulus to all Americans. The messy rollout has exposed the agency's flaws.
apple news+

Apple, Google team up for coronavirus contact tracing

The two tech giants will come together to make a new system to easily trace coronavirus transmissions and share them with local government health authorities.

Fighting through coronavirus isolation: 4 people share their tech habits

Millions across the world are currently under shelter-at-home orders. For those living alone, tech has become an essential service connecting them to others.
garmin forerunner 235 vivoactive 3 venu smartwatches amazon best buy deals review 15066 2 768x768

Garmin data shows how we’re staying active during the coronavirus pandemic

Outdoor activities like golfing, swimming, skiing, and snowboarding have seen a significant drop in recent weeks as coronavirus closed gyms and ski resorts.
mit researchers develop room sized interactive surfaces with sensors and displays michael wessely 01

This spray paint lets you turn on your lights or change the TV channel with a touch

Developed by researchers at MIT, SprayableTech allows users to simply spray conductive ink on everyday surfaces to turn them into helpful digital interfaces.
zoom privacy feature freeze active users meeting office

Zoom turns on passwords, waiting rooms by default to plug privacy holes

Following a wave of backlash, Zoom will enable its more secure privacy features automatically.
Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates

Bill Gates will gamble billions to make a potential coronavirus vaccine

Bill Gates told The Daily Show's Trevor Noah that the Gates Foundation is spending billions to manufacture factories for potential coronavirus vaccines.
Digital Detox Phone

Is it ethical to do a digital detox during the coronavirus pandemic?

There is no shortage of content right now during the coronavirus pandemic. But for some, more information means more anxiety. Is it okay to disconnect?
character inspiration real tony soprano the sopranos hbo

HBO will let you stream its best shows for free, including Veep and The Sopranos

HBO's #StayHomeBoxOffice campaign is aimed to get viewers to self-isolate to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
Facebook Messenger Desktop App

You can now download Facebook’s Messenger app to your desktop

Facebook's Messenger app has long competed with other chat services, its latest desktop version features free video and text chat, as well as Dark Mode.
Sydnee Washington performs stand-up comedy

Self-isolating comedians are pivoting from stand-up to Instagram

Comedians are flocking to Instagram as coronavirus closes clubs and bars in entertainment hubs like New York City and Los Angeles.
Instagram app showing a post about mental health

Coronavirus isolation fuels surge in mental health posts on Instagram

Instagram users are turning to the platform to share their struggles with mental health as the ongoing coronavirus spreads, keeping millions of people indoors.
Best Zoom alternatives

People are buying shirts but not pants because they’re always on Zoom

Walmart executive Dan Bartlett said consumers are much more interested in buying tops, not bottoms, thanks to Zoom and the coronavirus.
Elon Musk

Elon Musk plans to reopen New York gigafactory to produce ventilators

CEO Elon Musk tweeted Wednesday that the company's New York factory has plans to reopen in order to produce much-needed medical supplies for the coronavirus.
as coronavirus pushes thousands inside everyone is going live on instagram celebrities take to social media people around the

As coronavirus pushes millions inside, everyone is streaming on Instagram Live

From comedians to your neighbors, Instagram Live is seeing a huge spike in viewership as the spread of COVID-19 keeps everyone indoors and on social media.