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Oculus Quest 2 with controls.

VR workouts won’t get you ripped, but they’re engaging and can keep you fit

Exercising at home can be a chore. That's where virtual reality comes to the rescue as a healthy distraction that'll keep you fit.
LARQ watter bottle sitting beside a yoga matt

The best health and fitness gadgets

There’s more attention being paid to health monitoring than ever before, but can consumer tech help you keep tabs better? These gadgets certainly can.
panasonic all in one facial beard trimmer body hair groomer deal best buy february 2021 men s and

Panasonic beard trimmer and men’s groomer $30 off for Valentine’s Day!

For men who want to look good for Valentine's Day and women trying to find a gift, consider this Panasonic trimmer and groomer, on sale from Best Buy for $50.
garmin lily smartwatch news specs price

Garmin Lily is a stylish smartwatch tailor made for women

The Garmin Lily is designed for women who want the power of a smartwatch in a package that is both fashionable and feminine.
ergatta rowing machine review rower 2

Ergatta Review: Rowing machine makes a game out of exercise

Don't let the Ergatta's stunning good looks fool you. It is a powerful rowing machine with a game-based approach that'll motivate you to work out.
A digital security lock.

Smart home technology needs to be more private to handle personal health

With smart home technology that can take personal health information, the encryption and security surrounded data must be stronger than ever before.
tempo studio review 3 of 5

Tempo Studio Review: Smart fitness display packs weights for strength training

When you need more than just resistance for a challenging workout, the Tempo Studio is the smarter, more challenging connected home gym.
aktiia blood pressure monitor automatically tracks your bp

Most promising blood pressure monitoring tech in years isn’t out in the U.S. yet

Heart disease is the silent killer, but the Aktiia Blood Pressure Monitor gives you a tool in the fight that helps you track your blood pressure at all times.
apple fitness time to walk news release

Influencers will keep you company as part of Apple’s new Time to Walk program

Apple's new Time to Walk program invites you to walk alongside "influential and interesting people." Laugh, cry, and find inspiration as the miles fly by.
iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Apple cautions against placing iPhone 12 near a pacemaker

If you have a pacemaker or some other medical device fitted, and also own an iPhone 12 and/or any MagSafe accessories, then you need to exercise some caution.
Amazon Halo Fitness Band

Amazon Halo review: Affordable but questionable fitness band

Amazon's affordable Halo fitness band offers unique features not seen on other fitness wearables, but some of these metrics raise serious privacy concerns.
Brain Scientific brain tattoo printer

This game-changing graphene tattoo can continuously monitor your brainwaves

Brainwave data is almost always captured sporadically or intermittently. But with this innovation, it could be captured continuously
Razer Project Hazel

The best COVID tech of CES 2021: Smart masks and sanitizers

From smart face masks to temperature-checking doorbells, there was plenty of tech introduced at CES 2021 designed to combat COVID-19. Here was the best.
xenoma bodysuit provides full workout 20 minutes e skin emstyle body suit

This full-body muscle stimulation suit promises to supercharge short workouts

The Xenoma e-skin EMStyle bodysuit is a stylish, tight-fitting suit that utilizes built-in electrodes to stimulate your muscles and provide a full workout.
airpop active plus smart mask news  yellow training

Don’t let CES fool you. All these pandemic gadgets aren’t going to save us

CES 2021 was the perfect stage for pandemic-related innovations, but most companies seemed more interested in cashing in than making real advances.
fitbit versa 3 deal amazon black friday 2020 2 fi 768x768

Google’s completed Fitbit acquisition may help Wear OS more than Fitbit

Google's acquisition of Fitbit has completed, and the companies say it's about devices and not data. It means we may see big changes in Wear OS in the future.
maskfone bluetooth face mask ces 2021

This mask with a built-in phone and speakers is the most 2021 invention ever

The MaskFone -- a Bluetooth-enabled mask that allows you to take calls -- could be the most 2021 thing at CES. In fact, we're calling it now.
bodyfriend quantum massage chair bang and olufsen ces 2021

This outrageous massage chair has A.I voice control and blackout-proof power

Massage chairs aren't usually all that groundbreaking, but this one from Bodyfriend has an astounding array of features.
NordicTrack Active Pulse

New iFit ActivePulse feature uses heart rate to customize treadmill workouts

The newly announced iFit ActivePulse monitors your heart rate during a workout and adjusts the treadmill's speed and incline so athletes get the best workout.  
alphabeats neurofeedback relaxation music app interview ces 2021 han dirkx

AlphaBeats changes music into medicine to relax your brain

By subtly manipulating your music, AlphaBeats' clever algorithm can train your brain to relax. The startup's CEO explains in an interview how the tech works.
Wondercise three-point tracking system

Wondercise wants you to exercise with perfect form without costly equipment

At CES 2021, Wondercise announced that the new Motion Match exercise-tracking system can use three points to measure exercise form.
themis smart mirror analyzes skin stress ces 2021 careos  welcome

Themis Smart Mirror analyzes skin and stress levels to promote wellness

CareOS wants to disrupt the health and wellness market with the Themis Smart Mirror, a wellness companion for your bathroom or spa.
nordictrack vault smart fitness mirror news specs ces 2021 lifestyle

NordicTrack Vault fitness mirror conveniently stores weights for workouts

NordicTrack's new Vault smart mirror stores your weights until you are ready to workout alongside the outstanding iFit trainers.
hydrow connected rower smart rowing machine deal best buy january 2021

Best Buy slashes $250 off this amazing smart rowing machine from Hydrow

The Hydrow Connected Rower, a smart rowing machine that brings the workout into your home, is available on Best Buy at $250 off, lowering its price to $1,995.
biggest smart home 2020 trends peloton

The true cost of a connected home gym is not just in the equipment you buy

Home fitness equipment sales have exploded as people exercise at home instead of the gym. We break down the upfront and hidden costs of building a home gym.
Mirror Fitness Home Gym Display

Mirror review: Connected fitness for any experience level

The Mirror by Lululemon will make you break a sweat trying to stay in shape at home with its diverse range of workout classes that'll keep you challenged.
theragun prime handheld percussive massage gun deal best buy december 2020

Save $50 on this Theragun massage gun at Best Buy and get it by Christmas

If you need something to soothe sore muscles, this Theragun massage gun is on sale from Best Buy with a $50 discount, bringing its price down to just $249.
how much you save by signing up for apple one fitness

With Fitness Plus, Apple could very well take the lead in on-demand exercise

Apple Fitness Plus just launched the company into the on-demand fitness space, paving the way to becoming a potential leader.
Boxing in front of the Mirror.

Are connected home gyms handcuffed by their tight control over data?

People who build a connected home gym often overlook a major detractor. Tight control over fitness data may force them to abandon Strava and similar services.
samsung galaxy fit 2 review wrist bike

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Review: Simple, honest, and good value

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 costs just $60, and although it's not for the serious fitness fanatic, it's very tempting for the rest of us.

The best home pulse oximeters

Pulse oximeters allow people to monitor vital signs for oxygen issues. If you have a condition that affects your blood oxygen levels, you may benefit from one.
apple watch se review activity rings

Way more than watches: Where wearables are going

Next-gen wearables will be much more than watches. They'll help us train our bodies, stay healthy, and give us amazing new powers. Here’s what’s coming.
fitbit versa 3 deal amazon black friday 2020 2 fi 768x768

The best Cyber Week Fitbit deals for 2020

Fitbit is one of the biggest names in activity and fitness trackers. Here are all the best Cyber Week Fitbit deals and what to look for when purchasing one.
wyze watch news specs release price watch2

Wyze Watch is the $20 Apple Watch clone we’ve been waiting for

Wyze is breaking new ground with the Wyze Watch, an Apple Watch clone that packs a heart rate monitor and blood oxygen sensor into a $20 smartwatch.