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Best Buy slashes $250 off this amazing smart rowing machine from Hydrow

Gyms are usually packed at the start of the year when everyone is trying to shed the weight they gained over the holidays, but if you’d like to work out within your own home to stay safe, there are many fitness deals that are available for different kinds of physical activity. For example, if you love the burn that you feel from the rowing machine, Best Buy is offering a $250 discount on the Hydrow Connected Rower, bringing its price down to $1,995 from its original price of $2,245.

The Hydrow Connected Rower makes you feel like you’ve joined a rowing team, with a computer-controlled electromagnetic drag mechanism that mimics the feeling of rowing on water, and adjustable resistance to match your preferred setting. The rowing machine is unlike those with noisy chains and fans, as it keeps quiet so you can enjoy the music that you’re playing or to listen to your digital instructors.

The digital instructors are part of why the Hydrow Connected Rower is a smart rowing machine, as a Hydrow subscription will give you 24-hour access to classes in the form of live broadcasts or pre-recorded rowing sessions. The machine features a 22-inch HD touchscreen monitor, where your personal data and progress toward your fitness goals are displayed, as well as the instructors and athletes who will be rowing with you digitally.

The beautiful locations shown by the Hydrow Connected Rower may be the next best thing to riding a boat in real rivers, with the rowing machine’s Hi-Fi speakers releasing sounds of birds, running water, and the rhythm of your strokes. With durability that’s tested to last over 3 million cycles, you’ll be able to travel the world on the Hydrow Connected Rower.

If you miss your gym’s rowing machine, you can have your own with the Hydrow Connected Rower, which will help you burn more calories with your home workouts. The smart rowing machine is available on Best Buy for $1,995, after a $250 discount to its original price of $2,245, in a deal that may be too good to ignore for fitness enthusiasts. There’s no telling how long the deal will last though, so if you’ve already imagined integrating the Hydrow Connected Rower into your daily exercise, you should click that Buy Now button as soon as you can.

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