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Garmin unveils touchscreen Fenix 7, AMOLED Epix smartwatches

Garmin today unveiled new versions of its flagship Fenix series and its outdoorsy Epix fitness smartwatches. The Fenix 7 series maintains its prime position as Garmin’s do-it-all outdoor watch, while the Epix takes the best of the Fenix and packages it into a smaller, more affordable package. Both watches will go all the way to the borderlands and back without missing a beat.

Garmin Fenix 7 Series brings touchscreen controls

Garmin Fenix with touchscreen and solar charging.

The new Garmin Fenix 7 Series keeps the bigger-is-better style we know and love. It has a large display suitable for its topo maps and chunky buttons. New to the watch is the much-requested touchscreen interface. Instead of using only buttons, the Fenix 7 lets you scroll through menus, zoom on maps, and more using touch controls. Garmin also added a new real-time stamina metric that measures exertion throughout a bike or runs and a race predictor that estimates how you will perform based on your training and overall fitness. Other features include an integrated LED flashlight that users can change with a double-tap of the screen and improved solar charging that ensures the watch will last as long as you do.

Garmin makes Epix improvements to an aging watch

Lineup of all the new Garmin Epix fitness smartwatch.

Garmin’s original Epix smartwatch was one of the first Garmin watches to ship with built-in maps. It was a bulky watch with an awkward square design. Rather than abandon this formerly cutting-edge device, Garmin has updated it for 2022. The first thing you’ll notice about the Epix is the 1.3-inch AMOLED display that makes it easy to read your metrics in the middle of the day and the dark of night. A true all-in-one, the Epix is equipped with support for various activities, including gym workouts, tennis, climbing, skiing, and more. It also brings the best wellness features of Garmin’s consumer-focused wearables enabling the Epix to track sleep, stress, and overall energy level.

Pricing and availability

As it has done in the past, Garmin is releasing the Fenix 7 as a series with the smaller fēnix 7S, the standard fēnix 7, and the top tier fēnix 7X, with options for standard (non-solar), Solar and Sapphire Solar Editions. The Epic will be available in various colors, including slate steel, black titanium sapphire, and white titanium sapphire. Retail pricing for the Fenix starts at $799, while the Epix begins at $899.

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