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bitcoins can now be used to pay for dominos pizza domino mem 5

One brave mom used the Pizza Hut app to save her kids from a hostage situation

This week, a woman that found herself in a hostage situation saved herself and her three children thanks to some quick thinking and pizza.
samsung avengers phones transparent screens

Samsung wants to make the Avengers’ futuristic tech a reality

Samsung may be working behind the scenes to make the gadgets and gizmos from Avengers: Age of Ultron a reality.
Apple Watch top angle

The secret port on your Apple Watch … revealed?

The Apple Watch's theorized diagnostic port is possibly a whole lot more, and carries with it great accessory potential.
Motorola Moto X voice command

Google Now expanding to third party applications

Google is opening up its Google Now voice command feature to developers for use in third-party applications.
Apple Watch Sport

Apple is making a killing off the Apple Watch Sport — Components total a mere $84

The Apple Watch Sport costs just $84 to manufacture, but it sells for $350. Apple has a pretty high profit margin with its first wearable.
Apple Watch Sport

Apple admits that tattoos confuse the heart rate monitor on the Apple Watch

Some Apple Watch users with tattoos are having issues with the heart rate monitor, which controls a number of functions including Apple Pay and security.
Man Likes Mugshot Arrested

Genius arrested after liking his own wanted ad on Facebook

A man found himself in handcuffs after liking a local Facebook post of his own wanted ad.
iPad Air 2

iPad prototype stolen from an Apple employee looking for love

This week a young man in his 20's working for Apple and living in Curpertino fell victim to a robbery that included a "test model iPad"
apple watch will it blend

Will the Apple Watch blend? The answer is painful to watch

Blendtec sets its sights on the Apple Watch for their YouTube campaign "Will it Blend?"
Acer Chromebook 15

Google’s new Password Alert extension for Chrome guards against phishing

Google has released a new open-source extension for Chrome that's designed to guard users against phishing attacks.
att announces first directv deals at amp t building

AT&T faces $100M lawsuit for discrimination and one exec’s racist texts

Aaron Slator, President of content and advertising sales at AT&T has been fired after an assistant discovered racist images being sent by Slator.
T-Mobile Event 3/18/2015

T-Mobile CEO says cable companies may one day merge with carriers

T-Mobile CEO John Legere hinted that cable companies and carriers may one day merge to offer one-stop shopping for users.
google play store a b test apps news version 1430835427 android wear watchfaces

Google is looking to squash patent trolls with new patent purchase program

Google has announced a patent purchase program, and will be taking open submissions come May.
apple watch is not built to last ifixit teardown

Apple Watch teardown reveals replacing parts is ‘nearly impossible’

The Apple Watch, while being priced to compete with luxury watches, simply does not hold the same staying power as its moving parts competitors.
iPhone Apple Store Line

Apple has only delivered 22 percent of Apple Watch pre-orders, so far

Only 22% of initial Apple Watch pre-orders have reached customers, with the remaining units waiting weeks more to be shipped out.
apple watch pre orders reach almost 1m in u s on first day sport proves most popular preorder mem 3

Apple kills it again in Q2, exceeds earnings expectations

Apple reported its Q2 earnings late Monday and the news was better than expected.
first look scarlet witch quicksilver avengers age ultron ageofultronlogo

Avengers: Age of Ultron opens to $44.8 million in 2 days overseas

Avengers: Age of Ultron opens to $44.8 million in two days overseas. Numbers are looking strong for the U.S. opening weekend
sony daniel craig james bond offer

James Bond turned down Sony’s $5M offer to use an Xperia Z4 because he only uses ‘the best’

Leaked emails reveal that the producers behind the next Spectre refused a $5 million offer from Sony to have James Bond use the Xperia Z4.
Apple Watch

Apple demystifies Apple Watch interactions with full user guide

Apple published a user guide for the Apple Watch on its website to help new users learn how the interface works.
Porsche 918 Spyder

You can control your Porsche with an Apple Watch app

Porsche now comes with Apple Watch integration via the app "Porsche Car Connect."
robot arrested bitcoin illegal purchase 91f7f73ee61706f3f8d53293c1b445b7

A robot has been arrested for buying drugs with Bitcoin (all in the name of art)

A robot that was purchasing illegal substances as part of a Swedish art piece had to answer to the powers that be.
facebook hello android caller id

Facebook’s caller ID app Hello just made ignoring phone calls a whole lot easier

Facebook is launching a caller ID tool for Android called "Hello."
Facebook Smart Phone App

Brands be gone! Facebook pushes your friends’ posts to the top of your News Feed

Facebook is rolling out some updates to their News Feed that will hopefully result in more relevant content being displayed for users.
Fingerprint (shutterstock/ italianestro)

Samsung launching biometric mobile pay service in Korea

Samsung is launching and testing out a mobile pay service in Korea developed by Samsung SDS.
1176856 autosave v1 whatsapp phone feature

Move over Viber, WhatsApp can make calls now, too

The popular messaging app WhatsApp has just released a voice calling feature for iOS.
japanese department store humanoid robot hkg101038092 994818baff2bdae5389081248a07848f nbcnews ux 1160 900

Meet Aiko Chihira, the robotic humanoid who’s greeting shoppers in Japan

A department store in Tokyo, Japan has unveiled a humanoid receptionist featured to draw customers in.
Twitter icon

Twitter isn’t afraid of stranger danger anymore, so you can direct message anyone

Twitter has announced that user accounts can now be direct messaged from any account regardless of a mutual follow.
batman v superman dawn of justice teaser trailer henry cavill

Here’s what you missed in the Batman vs. Superman teaser

Just a few Easter egg clues you might have missed in the teaser trailer for Batman v. Superman
uber lawsuit blind discrimination news guide dog

Uber faces a lawsuit over alleged discrimination against blind people with guide dogs

A federal judge in California has ruled that Uber must face a lawsuit brought forward by blind citizens groups claiming Uber is violating the ADA.
matthew mcconaughey cries at star wars teaser trailer

Matthew McConaughey feels not so alright alright watching new Star Wars teaser

Matthew McConaughey finds himself a tad bit overwhelmed by the new teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
voice command hack google now nexus 6

Google will be changing up your mobile search results

Google has announced a change in formula resulting in a shake up of mobile search results and their page rankings.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge bottom screen

Galaxy S6 sales are exceeding all reasonable expectations

Samsung Galaxy S6 is seeing stronger than expected sales estimates. Could the Galaxy S6 catch up Apples' iPhone 6 in sales?