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You can control your Porsche with an Apple Watch app

Porsche 918 Spyder
Image used with permission by copyright holder
For those select few who are thrilled to be rocking the gold Apple Watch and cruising around town in their brand new Porsche, you may have a new love affair in your future. You see, Porsche now comes with Apple Watch integration via the app Porsche Car Connect.

The iOS app was released by Vodafone for Porsche, it integrates with with some 2014 Porsche models, and its abilities will now extend to the Apple Watch. Proud owners of both the Apple Watch and a compatible car can access mileage information, climate control options, a GPS to help find your car in a parking lot, and more. Take a look at the demo below for an idea of how it works:

Using the app, drivers can see their average speed, distance traveled, and how much fuel they’ve used. Perhaps you don’t remember if you need to allot time to get gas on your way to work in the morning — No worries, just check your wrist. Don’t remember if you left your sunroof open? Check your wrist. If it’s chilly, turn on the heater. You can also make sure you locked your car doors with the app. You can even fold in your side mirrors, if you’re worried that the guy who parked his mini van next to your Porsche might scratch the paint.

Not to be overshadowed, Apple has announced that CarPlay will be available on future Porsche models, as well.

The Porsche Car Connect app is compatible with the likes of the Panamera, 918 Spider, Macan, and Cayenne. The cheapest on that list will run you $50,000 for a base model Macan and the 918 Spider starts at $845,000. Good thing the app is free, right? If you happen to have bought both an Apple Watch and a Porsche, you can download the app on the iOS App Store.

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