Will the Apple Watch blend? The answer is painful to watch

Blendtec has been producing its Will it Blend? YouTube series for 8 years now, hosted by Blendtec founder and CEO Tom Dickson. We’ve seen the Blendtec blender take on everything from a crowbar to Justin Bieber, and even a tongue in cheek Hilary Clintons emails. Lately, the series has blended the latest gadgets to hit the market, and the Apple Watch is next on the list.

Take a look at the video to see the Apple Watch meet its ultimate fate. The Apple Watch Sport band is made from a fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber, and the Blendtec has a little trouble at first getting through the band. But surely as it was able to blend glow sticks, the band eventually gives way as the device itself starts to fall apart.

The beauty of watching the Blendtec gadget videos is keeping an eye out for the internals. If you have a careful eye you can catch the screen separating from the chasis and the ribbons start to fall out as the blender tears its way through the smartwatch.

Blendtec has always shown a certain favor to Apple products and has made sure to turn each one in to fine particles of ash upon their release. Dickson finishes up his video with a joke about a supposed new Apple car, saying “I can handle that.”

The Internet is always riddled with less than scientific stress tests of the latest gadgets. We see YouTubers smash, throw, burn, kick, run over, and shoot any gadget they can get their hands on. While Apple, Samsung, and all major manufacturers conduct their own stress tests, the Internet wouldn’t be the Internet without videos of people beating the crap out of their devices.

Millions of people are eagerly awaiting their Apple Watch to arrive on their doorstep (though less than half of them have received theirs), and Tom at Blendtec just threw his into the blender.

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