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How to watch Intel’s big Computex 2024 keynote tonight

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger delivers the Day 1 closing keynote at IAA Mobility

Intel is the next big name that will be talking up its upcoming products and technologies at Computex, with a big keynote address from CEO Pat Gelsinger scheduled for tonight. While we won’t be talking about his jacket like with the Nvidia CEO’s, we may well hear about the CPUs that are going up against AMD’s Zen 5 later this year.

Alongside new chip announcements, AI will certainly be a major component of the announcement, as it has been with just about everyone else’s so far.

How to watch Intel’s Computex 2024 keynote

Intel will hold its keynote at 11 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT on June 3 (that’s 11 a.m. local time on June 4 for anyone in attendance in Taiwan). If you want to watch it live, Intel has a livestream planned for its own website where you can register your interest and watch along at home.

You’ll also be able to watch it on the official Computex YouTube channel as a replay after the event, which we will embed here if you don’t catch it live.

What we expect from Intel’s keynote at Computex 2024

Computex has already given us a number of exciting announcements from Nvidia and AMD, with the latter showcasing its next-generation Zen 5 CPU design that it plans to launch by the end of July. Although Intel isn’t expected to announce an impending release of its next-generation chip designs, it will no doubt have some large announcements and details on its upcoming CPUs: Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake.

Intel will also talk about its enterprise data center solutions, and about “Bringing AI Everywhere,” most likely as part of the new range of Copilot+ PCs that Microsoft has been heavily pushing.

The Arc A770 graphics card running in a PC.
Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Alongside CPU news, though, we are also hoping to hear more about Intel’s efforts on the graphics front. While we aren’t likely to see functioning graphics cards, Intel’s next-gen Battlemage designs could be discussed in greater detail than before. Considering there’s talk that they could be as much as 50% faster than their predecessors, we could hear about some major GPU news from Intel at Computex 2024.

Can Intel capture some of the heat and mindshare following AMD’s big debut? Can Intel holdfast against the big advances by Qualcomm in recent months? We only have a few hours to wait to find out.

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