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The iMac screen on a desk.

How to buy and configure a new iMac without wasting money

Apple has just a single iMac, but with the M3 update, there are a few important configurations to choose between.
Intel's 14900K CPU socketed in a motherboard.

I tested Intel’s new overclocking tool, and it does AI all wrong

Intel's new AI Assist feature, which promises higher overclocking performance with the touch of a button, doesn't seem to be doing much.
A man works at a Lenovo ThinkPad P16 mobile workstation set up on a desk with two external monitors connected.

We found a laptop that’s $5,470 off in Lenovo’s early Black Friday Sale

Right now one of the best laptop deals is on the Lenovo ThinkPad P16 mobile workstation with this early Black Friday discount at Lenovo.
The Acer Nitro 27 ED270U, with a red crystal background being displayed.

This Acer 27-inch QWHD gaming monitor is discounted to $145

One of the first great Walmart "early access" Black Friday deals has landed and we're here to witness it in real time. It's the Acer Nitro 27-inch ED270U.
Front of the AMD RX 7600.

This is the cheapest GPU that’s still worth buying

Not all budget graphics cards are still worth buying, but there are some rare gems that are worth your attention.
Close up of colorful keyboard backlighting on a Corsair K70 Rapidfire keyboard.

How to turn keyboard lighting on and off

The methods for turning on a keyboard's backlighting can vary. In this guide, we'll discuss a few of the most common ways to switch on your keyboard light.
The MacBook Pro open on a table in front of a couch.

The MacBook Pro M3 doesn’t have a memory problem — it has a pricing problem

Apple is claiming 8GB on the MacBook Pro M3 is closer to 16GB on a Windows laptop, but regardless, the MacBook Pro M3 is just too expensive.
Playing a game on the Razer Raptor gaming monitor.

This Razer 27-inch gaming monitor is more than 50% off today

The Razer Raptor 27 gaming monitor with WQHD resolution and a built-in cable management system, is down to less than half-price after Walmart's $480 discount.
HP Pavilion Plus 14 2023 front angled view showing display and keyboard.

This HP laptop almost does it all for under $1,000

The 2023 HP Pavilion Plus 14 uses fast, efficient AMD processors and offers a spectacular OLED display. Buy it from the right place and it's a great value, too.
The MasterClass logo against a dark background.

Learn something new: Get $36 off an annual MasterClass subscription

Right now, you can save off of an annual subscription to MasterClass. MasterClass brings you quality programming from experts in the fields you want to master.
Various ChatGPT custom GPTs.

ChatGPT lets you build your own chatbot without coding. Here’s how

Want to make a custom ChatGPT-style chatbot? Now you can do so with the latest GPT-4 language models with all the extras. Here's how.
RTX 4070 logo on a graphics card.

Nvidia’s next GPU might follow Apple’s lead — and not in a good way

A new rumor hints at Nvidia releasing an RTX 4070 Ti Super, which would be one of the most confusing names we've ever seen out of the company.
update your bios pc bsod

Your PC problem could probably be fixed with a BIOS update

A BIOS update is a critical troubleshooting step you should take with your PC, but it's shockingly skipped over all too often.
Marvel's Spider-Man running on the Samsung Odyssey OLED G8.

This Samsung 34-inch WQHD ultrawide gaming monitor is $600 off

The 34-inch Samsung Odyssey G8 OLED gaming monitor is currently available from Best Buy with a $600 discount that lowers its price to a more affordable $900.
The MacBook Pro open on a table.

MacBook Pro M3: Should you choose the M3, M3 Pro, or M3 Max?

Apple finally revealed its range of MacBook Pro M3 models, and we have the scoop on all of the configuration options.
A person typing on a laptop that is showing the ChatGPT generative AI website.

GPT-4 Turbo is the biggest update since ChatGPT’s launch

OpenAI has just unveiled the latest update to its language model, dubbed the GPT-4 Turbo. It offers a massive upgrade over the previous version.
Intel Arc A770 GPU installed in a test bench.

Intel’s next-gen GPUs are its first real shot at being the best

Intel has slowly been building a foundation for its next-gen Battlemage GPUs, which provide its first real shot at budget-minded PC gamers.
The Surface Pro 9 with the Type Cover keyboard lifted up.

Surface Pro 9 is over $500 off in early Black Friday deal

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 with a keyboard cover, which allows it to switch from tablet to laptop, is on sale from Best Buy for $1,000 after a $540 discount.
Samsung 990 PRO SSD over a dark background.

This 4TB SSD deal at Amazon cuts the price to $280

Need a massive storage upgrade for your PC or laptop? This Samsung 990 Pro SSD has a significant discount right now.
Apple CEO Tim Cook standing in front of four Vision Pro headsets.

The Vision Pro is the wrong product at the wrong time for Apple

Apple’s rollout of the Vision Pro could hamper its sales, a report has claimed, with a high price and in-person appointments adding to the sales friction.
Samsung's 2023 Odyssey Neo G7 sitting on a table.

This Samsung 43-inch 4K gaming monitor is 50% off right now

Upgrade your gaming setup with one of the best gaming monitor deals available today, which sees the price of the Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 dropped to just $500.
The back of a silver iMac in an office.

Apple just dashed our iMac hopes and dreams

In an uncharacteristic move, Apple has confirmed it has no future plans for one of the most highly anticipated iMac models.
The back of the Blue iMac on a desk in an office.

Apple iMac (M3) review: When enough is enough

There's a new iMac, now using the M3 chip. It's not the iMac you want, but it might be the one you need.
A MacBook Pro on a table in front of a window.

Apple MacBook Pro M3 Max review: Delivering the goods

The MacBook Pro is Apple's most important laptop, and with the upgrade to the M3 Max, it's even more powerful.
The HP Victus 15L gaming PC on a desk.

Play Fortnite and more: This HP gaming PC is discounted to $400

Looking to try PC gaming but don't want to spend much? You can buy a cheap HP Victus 15L gaming PC for $400 right now. Here's what you need to know.
amazon slashes black friday prices for eero mesh wi fi systems pro wifi router extender  1

This eero Pro 6 Mesh Wi-Fi router system is $160 off right now

Looking to make your home network more reliable? You need a mesh Wi-Fi system with the eero Pro 6 currently on sale at Best Buy for a great price.
lenovo legion tower 5i deal february 2023 gaming pc

Flash sale knocks $400 off this Lenovo gaming PC with an RTX 3060

The Lenovo Legion Tower 5i has all the features and hardware you could want for gaming. It's on sale now at Lenovo for a limited time only.
The Logitech G915 Lightspeed keyboard.

The best gaming keyboard you can buy just had its price slashed

The Logitech G915 gaming keyboard is a fantastic keyboard for gamers and avid typists alike. It's on sale now at Amazon at a huge discount.
A man checks his phone in an Apple retail store in Grand Central Terminal.

Shopping at Apple this holiday season? You should know this

Apple has released some important information for anyone purchasing one of its products during the upcoming holiday season.
Gateway 15-inch chromebook in black product image.

This Gateway Chromebook can be yours for under $200 right now

This Gateway Chromebook deal lets you get the basics done, like getting online and doing productivity tasks, without costing you an arm and a leg.
Woman holding her back in pain while using a laptop.

I tried fixing my bad posture with an annoying pop-up app — and it worked

I'm always battling against poor posture, but my willpower often isn't enough to stand up straight all day. With SitApp, it's much easier.
Alan Wake looking at a projection of himself.

Don’t believe the hype — the era of native resolution gaming isn’t over

A string of PC releases has suggested that native resolution gaming is dead, but there's a little more to the conversation.
Apple's 15-inch MacBook Air placed on a desk.

5 things you should never do with your MacBook

Want to have a better time with your Apple laptop? Here are five things that can ruin your MacBook, from running out of space to overheating your device.
LG 32UD99-W review full

How to calibrate your monitor to make it better for free

Want to see images the way they're intended to be seen? Here is our quick guide on how to calibrate your monitor using your operating system or another tool.
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