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AMD is one of the leading companies in processors and GPUs, going head to head with Intel and Nvidia.

best buy shuts down insignia line smart home products store 2 768x768

Best Buy deals: Save on laptops, TVs, appliances, and more

We've collected some of the best Best Buy deals happening today, whether it's computers or appliances, to help save you a bit of extra money.
Intel Arc demo: Ryan Shrout plays Shadow of the Tomb Raider on a gaming PC.

I tested Intel’s XeSS against AMD FSR — and the results speak for themselves

AMD Rizen CPU 3 next to box

Do CPUs require drivers?

Steam Deck held between two hands.

Steam Deck 2: release date speculation, specs, pricing

Intel Arc A770 GPU installed in a test bench.

Intel may fire the first shots in the next-gen GPU war

Hollow Knight running on a KTC monitor.

As a lifelong PC gamer, these are the apps I couldn’t live without

RTX 4060 Ti sitting next to the RTX 4070.

GPU prices are back on the rise again

The AMD RX 7900 graphics card on a pink background.

The sad reality of AMD’s next-gen GPUs comes into view

RTX 4090.

Everything you need to know about buying a GPU in 2024

Someone holding the Ryzen 7 5800X3D in a red light.

4 CPUs you should buy instead of the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D

Snapdragon's X Elite PC SoC.

There’s an unexpected, new competitor in PC gaming

Three graphics cards on a gray background.

I’ve reviewed every AMD and Nvidia GPU this generation — here’s how the two companies stack up

RTX 4060 Ti sitting on a pink background.

You shouldn’t buy these Nvidia GPUs right now

Nvidia makes some excellent GPUs, but with the current state of the market, here are a few you should steer clear of.
AMD RX 7600 on a pink background.

Don’t buy a cheap GPU in 2024

The narrative about 8GB graphics cards isn't changing in 2024, and it's getting tougher to recommend budget-friendly GPUs as a result.
AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D installed in a motherboard.

AMD makes older PCs more upgradeable once again

AMD just unveiled several new processors during an event in China, and owners of AM4 motherboards might be happy.
RTX 4070 logo on a graphics card.

5 GPUs you should buy instead of the RTX 4070

The RTX 4070 is one of the best graphics cards you can buy right now, but the space it occupies is heavily contested by other GPUs from AMD and Nvidia itself.
HP Omen 40L Gaming PC on a table connected to a monitor.

What is VSync, and why do you need it?

VSync is a useful tool for calibrating your monitor’s frame-by-frame performance, but is it a necessary feature? Here’s everything you need to know about it.
Screenshot of full ray tracing in Cyberpunk 2077.

How 8GB VRAM GPUs could be made viable again

Microsoft just published a new patent, describing a technology that could drastically reduce the impact of ray tracing on GPU memory.
A logo of AMD's FSR 3.

AMD’s next version of FSR promises better visuals and support for Xbox

At GDC 2024, AMD has announced FSR 3.1, with a number of updates and improvements to its upscaling tech.
A demo of AMD GPU work graphs featuring in-game scenery including a castle and a town.

AMD is making the CPU more and more obsolete in gaming

AMD just shared a demo of Work Graphs with the additions of draw calls and mesh nodes, and the results are impressive.
A hand holding AMD's Ryzen 9 7950X3D processor.

Nice try, Intel, but AMD 3D V-Cache chips still win

Intel's Core i9-14900KS is the best that the lineup has to offer, but how does it match up against AMD's Ryzen 9 7950X3D?
Intel's 14900K CPU socketed in a motherboard.

Intel just launched the ‘world’s fastest’ CPU

Intel just announced the release of its best processor to date, and it's already available.
Key art for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 featuring Titus.

Embracer Group just sold Saber Interactive. Here’s who still owns what

Saber Interactive was sold by Embracer Group to Saber Interactive, but which studios actually changed owners? Let's break it all down.
A rendering of the two color options for the Asus Zephyrus G14.

These are the best AMD laptops you can buy in 2024

If you're in the market for a new AMD laptop upgrade, we've compiled a list of the finest options available today.
Intel Core i5-14600K processor inside its socket.

Here’s a shocking reminder of just how far ahead Intel is in race with AMD

A new market report reveals the vast difference in CPU shipments between Intel, AMD, and Apple.
An AMD Ryzen 7000 processor slotted into a motherboard.

AMD vs. Intel: the rivalry has never been more fierce

AMD and Intel are the two long-standing processor competitors. Which of these PC must-haves should you put in your machine? We examine both brands to find out.
RX 7900 XTX slotted into a test bench.

This new GPU feature is ‘a whole new paradigm’ for PC gaming

Microsoft has introduced a whole new paradigm to DirectX with Work Graphs, and it's something every PC gamer should be excited about.
A hand holding AMD's Ryzen 9 7950X3D processor.

I compared all of AMD’s V-cache CPUs to see which you should buy

The 7950X3D, 7900X3D and 7800X3D are arguably the most exciting CPUs of the Zen 4 generation. They're all good at gaming, but which is the best? Let's find out.
The RX 7800 XT graphics card with the ReSpec logo.

AMD needs to fix this one problem with its next-gen GPUs

AMD's latest graphics cards have been a turning point for Team Red, but there's still one lingering issue that needs to be addressed in the next generation.
Two monitors with AMD FreeSync over a dark background.

AMD is finally taking FreeSync to the next level

AMD just announced some much-needed changes to its FreeSync requirements, effectively setting a new standard for gaming monitors.
AMD's RX 7700 XT in a test bench.

AMD’s GPUs had a bigger year in 2023 than you might realize

GPU shipments are on a steady rise, and one of the manufacturers is seeing much more significant gains than the other two.
AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D installed in a motherboard.

The best processors in 2024: AMD and Intel CPUs duke it out

The best processors include options from AMD and Intel, but only a select few are worth your time. Here are the best CPUs to consider for your next build.
Frank Azor presenting at AMD's RDNA 3 launch event.

AMD finally has a strategy to beat Nvidia’s DLSS

A recent teaser from AMD's CTO tells us that we might see AI-powered upscaling in the near future.
Steam Deck over a pink background.

Nvidia is reportedly ‘worried that it’s missing the boat’

Nvidia has completely neglected the gaming handheld market, which is where AMD absolutely dominates -- but that might not be the case for long.

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