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Nvidia is known, historically, for its GPUs. But nowadays it’s influential in all aspects of computing – from your laptop and desktop, to cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Asus Rog Flow Z23 front view showing tablet and keyboard.

Why this unassuming tablet is my favorite laptop of the year so far

The Asus ROG Flow Z13 would be impressive as a 14-inch laptop. As a 13-inch detachable tablet, it's incredibly fast, well-made, and easy to recommend.
Intel Arc A770 GPU installed in a test bench.

Intel may fire the first shots in the next-gen GPU war

RTX 4070 seen from the side.

Nvidia RTX 50-series graphics cards: news, release date, price, and more

A hand holding the RTX 4090 GPU.

The RTX 5090 and 5080 may launch sooner than expected

Hollow Knight running on a KTC monitor.

As a lifelong PC gamer, these are the apps I couldn’t live without

RTX 4060 Ti sitting next to the RTX 4070.

GPU prices are back on the rise again

The AMD RX 7900 graphics card on a pink background.

The sad reality of AMD’s next-gen GPUs comes into view

The Nvidia RTX 4080 Super on a pink background.

How to update or uninstall a Game Ready driver

RTX 4090.

Everything you need to know about buying a GPU in 2024

A hand holding the RTX 4090 GPU.

New Nvidia update suggests DLSS 4.0 is closer than we thought

RTX 3080 graphics cards among other GPUs.

10 best graphics cards of 2024: finding the best GPU for gaming

Three graphics cards on a gray background.

I’ve reviewed every AMD and Nvidia GPU this generation — here’s how the two companies stack up

RTX 4060 Ti sitting on a pink background.

You shouldn’t buy these Nvidia GPUs right now

Nvidia makes some excellent GPUs, but with the current state of the market, here are a few you should steer clear of.
AMD RX 7600 on a pink background.

Don’t buy a cheap GPU in 2024

The narrative about 8GB graphics cards isn't changing in 2024, and it's getting tougher to recommend budget-friendly GPUs as a result.
Lenovo Yoga 9i Gen 8 front angled view showing display and keyboard deck.

Best Lenovo laptop deals: Save on Yoga and ThinkPad laptops

If you need a new laptop, you should take advantage of Lenovo's discounts. There are loads of Lenovo laptop deals out there, so we've gathered our top picks.
RTX 4070 logo on a graphics card.

5 GPUs you should buy instead of the RTX 4070

The RTX 4070 is one of the best graphics cards you can buy right now, but the space it occupies is heavily contested by other GPUs from AMD and Nvidia itself.
HP Omen 40L Gaming PC on a table connected to a monitor.

What is VSync, and why do you need it?

VSync is a useful tool for calibrating your monitor’s frame-by-frame performance, but is it a necessary feature? Here’s everything you need to know about it.
Screenshot of full ray tracing in Cyberpunk 2077.

How 8GB VRAM GPUs could be made viable again

Microsoft just published a new patent, describing a technology that could drastically reduce the impact of ray tracing on GPU memory.
A colorful collage of images generated by Nvidia's LATTE3D.

Nvidia turns simple text prompts into game-ready 3D models

Nvidia just unveiled its new text-to-3D generative AI model dubbed Latte3D. It can turn a quick text prompt into a full-blown 3D model.
A character in an AI-driven dialogue tree by Nvidia.

I was wrong — Nvidia’s AI NPCs could be a game changer

I was disappointed by the first demo of Nvidia's AI-based dialogue in games. But after a recent demo, I walked away impressed.
Cyberpunk 2077 running in a Tesla.

Nvidia is bringing ray tracing and DLSS 3 to your car

Nvidia is partnering with MediaTek is build what is essentially a modern GPU into your car, and that has some big implications.
Lies of P on the KTC G42P5.

Nvidia DLSS is amazing, but only if you use it the right way

DLSS is quickly become a cornerstone feature of modern PC games. Here's all of the ins and outs of Nvidia's AI-driven tech, and how to make the most use of it.
An AI game demo produced by Nvidia.

Nvidia’s AI game demo puts endless dialogue trees everywhere

Nvidia's impressive AI-driven game characters were showed up in a playable demo -- but it just amounts to more endless dialogue trees.
Nvidia revealing support for the Apple Vision Pro.

Nvidia and Apple are collaborating on the Vision Pro in the most unlikely way

Nvidia and Apple are coming together in an unexpected fashion, bringing support for a major 3D application on the Apple Vision Pro.
Nvidia introducing its Blackwell GPU architecture at GTC 2024.

Meet Blackwell, Nvidia’s next-generation GPU architecture

The wait is over. Here's our first taste of Nvidia's next generation GPU architecture, named Blackwell.
One character points a gun at others while gambling in a bar in the trailer for Star Wars Outlaws.

Star Wars Outlaws will support DLSS 3 when it launches this year

Nvidia has confirmed that Star Wars Outlaws is still slated for a 2024 release and will be on GeForce Now with DLSS 3 support when it does come out.
A character gearing up for battle in Black Myth: Wukong.

My most anticipated game of 2024 is getting the full Nvidia treatment

Black Myth: Wukong could be one of the biggest games of 2024, and it's getting Nvidia's full RTX treatment.
RX 7900 XTX slotted into a test bench.

This new GPU feature is ‘a whole new paradigm’ for PC gaming

Microsoft has introduced a whole new paradigm to DirectX with Work Graphs, and it's something every PC gamer should be excited about.
MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti ARMOR 11G OC review

Modders just gave old Nvidia GPUs a big upgrade

Modders have cracked an essential GPU feature that was previously unavailable on Nvidia's older graphics cards.
Playing games with GeForce Now on a laptop.

Nvidia just made GeForce Now so much better

Nvidia has just boosted GeForce Now with variable refresh rates, and it'll even work on a Mac. That's not all -- you can finally try it out for cheap.
Two monitors with AMD FreeSync over a dark background.

AMD is finally taking FreeSync to the next level

AMD just announced some much-needed changes to its FreeSync requirements, effectively setting a new standard for gaming monitors.
NVIDIA AI conceptual image with chip and data

How NVIDIA leads the world by making AI user-friendly

Nvidia has been at the forefront of enriching your life with AI for years. We take a look at its plans to demystify the world of AI.
AMD's RX 7700 XT in a test bench.

AMD’s GPUs had a bigger year in 2023 than you might realize

GPU shipments are on a steady rise, and one of the manufacturers is seeing much more significant gains than the other two.
Frank Azor presenting at AMD's RDNA 3 launch event.

AMD finally has a strategy to beat Nvidia’s DLSS

A recent teaser from AMD's CTO tells us that we might see AI-powered upscaling in the near future.

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