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This new RTX 4070 pulls off the impossible

The RTX 4070 ITX Sakura Blizzard graphics card,

I didn’t think it was possible, but GPU vendor Zephyr has managed to trim the RTX 4070 down to a dual-slot card with only a single fan. The RTX 4070 is one of the best graphics cards you can buy, and although there are plenty of slim models available, we haven’t seen a card that achieves the petite size that Zephyr is claiming with its new ITX Sakura Blizzard model.

Zephyr shared the new graphics card on Chinese video streaming service BiliBili over the weekend. The dimensions are extremely small, with the card measuring 172mm by 123mm by 42mm. That’s small enough to fit in even the tiniest mini ITX cases (though always make sure to double-check your dimensions). For reference, Nvidia’s Founder’s Edition RTX 4070 measures 240mm by 110mm by 40mm, and third-party options can get much larger depending on their cooler configuration.

As you can tell from the sizes, the real winner for the RTX 4070 ITX Sakura Blizzard is length. It only uses a single fan, so it’s much stubbier than the dual- and triple-fan models we typically see with the RTX 4070. On the flip side, it’s slightly taller and wider than the Founder’s Edition design. That’s to account for a larger cooling solution on the card, which apparently holds up to larger designs. Zephyr says the RTX 4070 ITX Sakura Bloom is 8 degrees Celsius cooler than a traditional dual-fan design of the RTX 4070 on average, and while running at a lower fan speed.

The RTX 4070 ITX Sakura Blizzard graphics card standing up.

The card doesn’t sacrifice performance, either, at least according to Zephyr. With the announcement, the company posted results in 3DMark Fire Strike, Time Spy, and Speed Way showing the RTX 4070 ITX Sakura Bloom matching a Founder’s Edition design.

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Zephyr is known for its bold designs, sometimes featuring pink PCBs, colorful cooling shrouds, and anime characters. The RTX 4070 ITX Sakura Blizzard is no different. This is actually the third model from Nvidia’s RTX 40-series that Zephyr has released with this design, following up on ITX versions of the RTX 4060 and RTX 4060 Ti.

If you’re interested in buying one of these cards, however, we have some bad news. Zephyr says the first wave of cards has already sold out, but that it expects a restock in mid-July. More importantly, the cards are only available in China. You can generally find models from Chinese sellers on eBay in the U.S., but you’ll likely pay a premium.

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