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Unbiased software reviews by Digital Trends’ expert reviewers. Compare the latest software based on rating, operating system, device, and more.

A photo shows Wise Data Recovery Pro open on a PC monitor.

Wise Data Recovery Pro review: Is it worth it?

Wise Data Recovery is a nice free option for file restoration, so I tested the low-cost pro version to find out if it's worth the cost.
The RoboForm start page is shown on a PC monitor.

RoboForm review: a password manager that keeps things simple

The Keeper password manager app is open on a Windows PC.

Keeper password manager review: share logins with precision and ease

I review Keeper's Personal and Family plans, affordable password management with robust security and lots of sharing features.
Stellar Data Recovery Premium appears on a PC monitor.

Stellar Data Recovery Premium review: Great support isn’t always enough

I reviewed Stellar Data Recovery's three subscription plans and a free version to find out which is best and offers the most value.
Recuva Professional data recovery app shown on a PC monitor

Recuva Professional review: a $25 data recovery app that works

I review one of the cheapest data recovery apps available to find out if it works well and is easy to use on SSDs, HDDs, and more.
The Ease US Data Recovery Wizard Pro app appears on a PC monitor.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro review: a low-cost way to restore files

I review EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro, software that helps restore lost files for every type of storage to test its ease-of-use and value.
The Bitwarden extension is open in a browser showing an article about password managers.

Bitwarden review: This open-source password manager unlocks choice

I researched Bitwarden's subscription plans and tested the family plan to check how much value it adds to its very competitive free option.
An iPhone with the Dashlane app appears in front of a Window screen with the Dashlane extension.

I reviewed Dashlane, and it’s much more than just a password manager

I tested Dashlane, a full-featured password manager with lots of extras and cross-platform support for passwordless logins.
A MacBook Air runs Norton 360 Deluxe antivirus software.

Norton for Mac review: antivirus protection and much more

I tested Norton antivirus software on my MacBook, checking pricing and features to find out how well this popular solution works with macOS.
I tested 1Password on my Windows PC and iPhone.

I reviewed 1Password, and it’s one of the best password managers you can use

I reviewed top-rated password manager 1Password to check its value and ease-of-use for cross-platform syncing and sharing.
The Malwarebytes app is open on a MacBook Air.

Malwarebytes for Mac review: an antivirus and privacy upgrade

Malwarebytes for Mac increases your antivirus protection, so I tested its quality, ease of use, and features to find out if it's worth the cost.
A MacBook Air is shown with the Bitdefender for Mac dashboard open.

Bitdefender for Mac review: dependable security for macOS

Bitdefender's well-rated antivirus software is available for the Mac, but is it as good as the Windows version and does it integrate wll with macOS?
Norton antivirus scan is in progress on the screen of a Windows PC.

Norton 360 for Windows review: excellent antivirus packed with extras

We review Norton's antivirus and cybersecurity plans, checking malware protection, support, pricing, and more to help you keep your data secure.
A photo of Bitdefender running on a PC.

Bitdefender for Windows review: premium protection for all your devices

We tested Bitdefender's antivirus and advanced security plans for Windows to find out how good it is and whether it's worth the cost.
Malwarebytes user interface appears on a Microsoft Surface Book.

Malwarebytes for Windows review: a quick and easy antivirus upgrade

We tested Malwarebytes antivirus software for Windows to find out if its quality, ease-of-use, and support provide enough value for the price.
Two windows laptops sit on a wooden table.

Windows 11 review: the new era evolves

Windows 11 is growing more popular than ever, but even with the latest updates, is it time to upgrade?
IRIS Clarity group chat.

Iris Clarity hands-on review: Your personal cone of silence

Turn on Iris Clarity on your computer and you can build an effective and invisible cocoon around you to block out background noise for every virtual call.

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