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Judy Sanhz

Judy Sanhz

Computing Writer

Judy Sanhz is a Digital Trends computing writer covering all computing news. She has been writing about technology for over ten years and is always searching for the latest tech news. She makes complicated tech easy to understand and always searches for her next device. She constantly tests apps or devices out and has many devices at home. When she's not writing about tech, she eats pizza or plays fetch with her dogs.

Person sitting and using a Windows Surface computer with Windows 11.

Windows may let you purge your PC of AI

Microsoft is trying to mend the damage it may have caused with Recall by giving users more control over its AI implementation in Windows.
Person using Windows 11 laptop on their lap by the window.

Your PC’s security is being attacked on two new fronts

Hackers are taking a different approach when accessing computers with a low level approach.
Apple MacBook Pro 16 downward view showing keyboard and speaker.

Your Mac is about to get a killer security feature

Apple has debuted a new anti-tracking feature for macOS Sequoia to keep predators at bay.
404 page not found error on Digital Trends.

404 page not found error: What it is and how to fix it

The 404 page not found error is a common error. Discover the possible causes and fixes for the HTTP response status code.
The Windows Update screen in Windows 10.

Microsoft is backpedaling on future Windows 10 updates

Amid the end of support for Windows 10, Microsoft opens beta testing for new features coming to the older operating system.
Redmagic showing two laptops.

An unexpected phone brand is about to make its gaming laptop debut

The smartphone brand RedMagic is teasing its first attempt at a new product category.
A Wi-Fi router with an ethernet cable plugged in.

This cyberattack took out 600,000 routers across the country

Midwestern ISP must replace 600K routers after trojan turns then into expensive paperweights.
A crowd enjoying a music show that you are at because of Ticketmaster.

Hackers claim they’re selling the user data of 560 million Ticketmaster customers

ShinyHunters hacking group claims responsibility for a Ticketmaster data breach, which exposes customer personal data, including credit card information.
Windows 11 logo on a laptop.

Windows 11 just took copying and pasting to the next level

Copying and pasting in Windows 11 has reached a new level with PowerToys Advanced Paste.
Telegram app download.

Microsoft Copilot is invading your favorite chat apps

Microsoft's Copilot is now available on Telegram as a bot, but with some limitations.
A top-down view of the Surface Laptop Go.

Windows is about to axe these three iconic apps

Microsoft will remove these three legendary Windows apps in an upcoming update, including WordPad.
AI Overviews being shown in Google Search.

Google just broke search

In the way it's leaned into AI, Google has turned its most important product into internet's biggest joke.
Person using Windows 11 laptop on their lap by the window.

Microsoft just made Paint relevant again

Microsoft wants to make the Paint app useful and fun again with new AI image-generating tool.
A Team Copilot being used alongside a Teams video call.

All the Copilot updates announced at Build 2024

Microsoft announced a variety of updates to Copilot at its Build developer conference.
Microsoft Edge browser on a computer screen.

Real-time video translation comes to Microsoft Edge

AT Build 2024, Microsoft announced an update to Edge that will grant it the power to translate videos to different languages in real time.
Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 sitting on a table.

A ‘healthy’ PC means using Bing, according to Microsoft

Microsoft adds Bing as default search engine in an attempt to help clean up your PC.
Google Sheets is open in the Safari browser on a MacBook Air.

This new Google Sheets feature is going to save so much time

Google Sheets just made creating formatted tables possible in just one click.
Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 rear view showing lid and logo.

If you use a VPN, don’t skip this important Windows 11 update

Microsoft has released patch to fix VPN issues that cropped up after its April security update.
Arrows pointing to the Web filter in the More option in Google search results.

Vanilla Google Search without AI is being sidelined into a menu

Google's AI ambitions continue to encroach into Search, but it can still be filtered out.
FerroChrome preview on a Android phone

Google may finally merge Android and ChromeOS after all

Google has shown that it's possible for ChromeOS and Android to work together, as one report indicates.
Privacy settings in Windows 11.

A massive Windows 11 AI feature may launch next week despite privacy concerns

The AI Explorer app is rumored to be launched next week despite privacy concerns.
Microsoft word document.

Microsoft finally fixed copy and paste in Word

Microsoft Word makes pasting easier and cleaner thanks to the merge formatting option that you can start using right now.