Emerging Tech

3D printing brought this stunning six-stringed custom violin to life

Talented University of Texas music student Sean Riley recently used the magic of 3D printing to create a personalized six-string violin. And all for just $10 worth of printing filament!

Elton John announces his retirement tour with an amazing kaleidoscopic VR video

Elton John, the original Rocket Man, revealed plans for his three-year Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour with a spectacular virtual reality experience that showcases the flamboyant and iconic rock star's decades-long career.
Emerging Tech

Pulse adds effects to your acoustic guitar — without amps or electricity

A brilliant new music accessory device called the Pulse promises to add real-time effects like delay, distortion or reverb to your acoustic guitar. Here's how it works, and where to get it.

Baby got Beck: Grandmother’s Instagram inspires rock icon’s new music video

When a Japanese Instagrammer started posting photos of her granddaughter and the family's dogs, she had no idea it would one day lead to a meeting with an American indie rock legend -- and a starring role for her family in his music video.
Smart Home

Apple HomePod smart speaker is now available for pre-order

Apple has begun its all-out assault on home audio with the HomePod speaker system, showcasing multiroom functionality that integrates with other manufacturers' speakers. You can now pre-order the smart speaker.

Bring your car into the 21st century with Alpine’s hovering touchscreen display

Alpine introduced the iLX-F309 in-car infotainment system, a touchscreen that "hovers" slight in front of your dashboard so that you can place a modern screen even in the most retro of vehicles.
Social Media

Listening to one artist on YouTube could get simpler with Official Artist Channels

YouTube is combining multiple artist channels under a single Official Artist Channel, a move designed to simplify listening for viewers and expand reach for musicians. YouTube will automatically merge multiple channels.

How Syd Bennett launched an R&B career with old MacBooks and a microphone

Syd Bennett, lead singer of R&B group The Internet, talks to Digital Trends about how she turned a crappy MacBook, a few living rooms, Limewire, and some recording equipment into a music career that would later spawn a Grammy nomination.

The retro Muzen OTR Wood speaker may be tiny, but it packs a big punch

those nostalgic for simpler times when the music was sweet and the technology was simple(r) can broadcast their favorite stations (and more) from the Muzen OTR Wood. It's now available on Indiegogo.
The Manual

Workout playlist: Get pumped about pumping iron

This workout playlist has been audio-engineered to get you started on — and help you stick to — your new fitness routine.

The best songs from Apple commercials

Apple has always been known for having great taste in music. Here, we've rounded up our favorite songs featured in Apple commercials, from Feist to Daft Punk to the Black Eyed Peas.

YouTube creates one-of-a-kind Grammys invitations with Google Home Maxes

YouTube has joined forces with native New Yorker and hip hop legend NAS to throw a huge Grammys party. But the real news isn't the party itself -- it's the invitation. The calling card for the upcoming party is a custom Google Home Max.