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Watch Spotify’s tour of its plush U.S. headquarters

Spotify has offered curious folks a look inside its newly refurbished — and very plush — U.S. headquarters at 4 World Trade Center in New York City.

“Featuring two new floors with areas dedicated to different types of working and the different needs of our people, there’s plenty of space to work and play as we shape the future of audio,” Spotify said in comments accompanying the video. “The views are pretty spectacular, too.”

Spotify Office Tour: New York City

Taking up 16 floors inside the Manhattan complex and with sweeping views across the city, the music streaming company will call the site home until at least 2034 thanks to a $566 million lease that it signed four years ago.

Home to 2,100 workers, the bright and stylish digs are dotted with quirky decorative features that reflect Spotify’s music-focused business.

The place is colorful and spacious, with lots of rooms filled with relaxing sofas and umpteen temptations that must surely be problematic for procrastinating types. Who wouldn’t, for example, want to spend time engaging with the awesome spinning wall on Level 68, or doze in one of the many lounge-like spaces, or even waste half a day on the air hockey and ping-pong tables?

There are, of course, plenty of workspaces, too, where employees can focus on the next big idea to help Spotify better compete with Apple Music and other rivals in the music streaming market.

With the pandemic upending traditional work practices for office-based firms, Spotify told its employees in February that going forward they could work from anywhere they like — permanently. However, looking at its gorgeous Manhattan office, it’s a safe bet that employees based there are coming in most days to enjoy the spiffy refurb.

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