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Forget AirPods Pro: Beats Studio Buds are ONLY $120 at Amazon today

The Beats Studio Buds in their charging case.
Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

While most people automatically think of AirPods Pro when looking for wireless headphone deals, they aren’t the only excellent pair of in-ear headphones around. Some of our favorites are Beats headphones, which have excellent compatibility with Apple products, fantastic sound quality, and impressive battery life. If you’re considering picking up a pair of earbuds, then you need to check out this deal at Amazon. Right now, you can get the Beats Studio Buds for just $120, which is a massive $30 off the regular price of $150. That’s an absolute steal of a price. Keep reading to find out why these might be the perfect earbuds for you.

In our Beats Studio Buds review, we called them “AirPods Pro Lite” because they offer many of the same features at a significantly lower price. In fact, we also praised the Beats for “finding a perfect balance between features and price.” These ultracompact earbuds have everything you’d expect from a pair of modern wireless earbuds. They have fantastic sound quality, with a bass-heavy sound profile while maintaining surprisingly detailed mids and highs. That makes for a balanced listening experience that sounds great with everything, especially bassy music like hip-hop and EDM. They also offer excellent and fast connectivity with both iOS and Android devices. These buds even work with Apple’s Find My platform if your buds ever get lost or stolen.

These buds also have great battery life. On a single charge, they are rated for up to eight hours of use, with up to 24 hours together with the case. They’re also extremely comfortable to wear, so you won’t have a problem using them to listen to music or take phone calls throughout the day. The Beats Studio Buds are also IPX4 water-resistant, so they can handle a sweaty workout or use in some light rain. If you’re frequently in noisy environments, then you’ll also love the active noise cancellation — which is a rare sight in earbuds that are this affordable. There’s also a transparency mode that lets you hear important external sounds.

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to the AirPods Pro, then the Beats Studio Buds are a no-brainer — especially at this price. You can pick up a pair right now at Amazon for only $120. That’s $30 off the regular price of $150. We don’t know when this deal ends, so hit that Buy Now button to get it while you still can.

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