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The hatch is back, and packed with tech. Meet Toyota’s 2019 Corolla Hatchback

Toyota will travel to the New York Auto Show to introduce the 2019 Corolla Hatch. Developed to replace the Corolla iM, it boasts tech and safety features normally found on bigger and more expensive models.

Clip the latest Amazon Coupons for everyday savings

Did you know there are thousands of Amazon Coupons and promo codes that you can take advantage of? We found coupons for everything from tech to everyday products. Find out what savings you've been missing out on.
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For $29, the PaMu truly wireless earbuds are a no-brainer

PaMu's Indiegogo campaign is tearing it up online, already garnering enough cash to reach their flexible go several thousand times over. But can these true wireless buds, which cost just 29 measly dollars, really live up to their potential?

Common Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus problems and how to fix them

There is nothing much worse than an issue with your beloved phone. If your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus has been acting up, check out our list of commons problems and the solutions to fix your issue.
Emerging Tech

MIT’s latest invention pulls clean drinking water out of thin air

Researchers at MIT have tested a potentially lifesaving device that is capable of pulling drinking water straight out of the sky, even in the driest of desert regions. Here is how it works.

Digitsole’s A.I.-powered insoles strive to improve your cycling performance

Digitsole, a connected footwear technology company, unveiled A.I.-powered smart insoles for cycling. Meet the Run Profiler Cycling insoles, a simple insert that cyclists can use to better their performance
Emerging Tech

This robot with jet-powered feet is proof that we’re living in the future

Researchers from China’s Guangdong University of Technology’s School of Automation have built a jet-powered bipedal robot that does the splits to cross large chasms. Here's how it works.

Purisoo lets you purify water via its innovative pumping system

Whether you're hiking, traveling, or facing a clean water shortage at home, the Purisoo hopes to help by giving you a way to manually pump any fresh water source into clean, safe, drinking water. 
Emerging Tech

Like an A.I. acid trip, this neural net rebuilds reality with flowers and fire

Artist and machine learning guru Memo Akten created a deep-learning neural network which views the world entirely as flowers, waves, fire or sky. The results are kind of beautiful.

Hackers seize Atlanta’s network system, demand $51,000 in Bitcoin as ransom

On Thursday, Atlanta discovered that hackers infiltrated its network and seized data using ransomware, demanding $51,000 in Bitcoins. The city is working with the government and Microsoft to determine the extent of the damage.