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Google Pixel Fold Deals: Save $1,000 on Google’s foldable phone

A video playing on the Google Pixel Fold, with the screen half open.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The Google Pixel Fold is one of the latest folding phones, giving us pretty big screen space on something that fits in our pocket. But where is the best place to get this phone? It depends. Here we’ll highlight some deals, including one where you can get the Google Pixel Fold for $1,000 off. However, just because the number of dollars saved is higher doesn’t mean a deal is the best for you. Some of these require you to open a new line on a carrier or trade in an old phone. As a result, you should check out each deal individually to make sure you’re getting the right fit for you.

Google Pixel Fold deals at AT&T


Typically, you can get the Google Pixel Fold 256GB version for $1,880 or $52.23 per month for 36 months. However, an eligible trade-in with AT&T can drop that by $1,000 if you also have an eligible unlimited plan. That puts the price at $24.45 per month for 36 months or $880.

Google Pixel Fold deals at Verizon

Verizon logo on a smartphone screen in a dark room and a finger touching it.
Stone Staffordshire / Shutterstock

Verizon has the 256GB version of the Google Pixel Fold on sale for $1,800 and the 512GB version on sale for $1920. If that’s two much you have two ways to save $1,000 on your purchase, bringing the phones down to $800 and $920, respectively. To get your $1,000 off, your options are to trade in a phone and get a new line or trade in a phone and get an upgrade. Either way, though, you’ll be down one old phone and up one Google Pixel Fold at the end of the deal.

Google Pixel Fold deals at T-Mobile

A sign outside of T Mobile headquarters.
Ken Wolter / 123rf

T-Mobile only offers the 256GB version of the Google Pixel Fold, but offers two ways to save. The phone starts at $41.66 per month for 24 months, or $1,000. But how do you arrive there? Well, you can save $800 if you open a new line on T-Mobile’s Go5G Next or Go5G Plus plans. There’s also a chance to save more if you trade in your current device. Check out all of the options to figure out what works best for you.

Should you buy the Google Pixel Fold

A person holding the Google Pixel Fold.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The Google Pixel Fold is among the best smartphones and represents one of the best models for getting used to modern folding screens. Its front screen is 5.8 inches of OLED at 1080 x 2092p that has a 120Hz refresh rate. The inner display, on the other hand, is 7.6 inches at 1840 x 2208p. That’s two fantastic screens in your pocket.

According to our Google Pixel Fold review, its cameras a delight to use and the phone’s battery holds up well even after intensive usage. The Google Tensor G2 chipset powers the phone well, with apps opening quickly and responding fast. Swapping from one app and feature to another is reliably quick as well. At the end of her experience with the phone our reviewer, an iPhone devotee, admitted she would enjoy switching to the Google Pixel Fold if she weren’t so enmeshed in the Apple ecosystem.

If you’re in a similar boat, please check out the deals above. You may also be interesting in checking out Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 deals if you want a foldable but you couldn’t find something for you represented in the deals above.

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