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Jameis Winston hands the ball off to Alvin Kamara.

NFL games today: schedule, channels, live streams for November 26

There are 11 NFL games today, including Bills versus Eagles. Find out the start times, channels, and streaming information for the NFL games on November 26.
Ben Affleck in Gone Girl.

Don’t miss these 5 movies leaving Max in November you have to watch right now

If you want to get the most out of your Max subscription, then check out these five movies before they leave Max at the end of November.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars

From Prequelists to Reylos, these are the 9 definitive types of Star Wars fans

With over 40 years of history, the Star Wars fandom is a large one. Digital Trends identifies the 9 main types of Star Wars fans and explains who they are.
Horizon Zero Dawn running on the Lenovo Legion Go,

Why the latest rival handheld still can’t beat the ROG Ally

The Lenovo Legion Go is one of the most impressive handhelds we've seen, but further testing reveals it exhibits some strange behavior compared to the ROG Ally.
The side of the Apple Watch Ultra with the Solo Loop band.

The best Apple Watch bands in 2023: our 20 favorite ones

These are the best Apple Watch bands and straps to stylize your timepiece. We've got a veritable feast of wristwear for every budget.
Geto and Gojo together in key art for Jujutsu Kaisen season 2.

The best anime on Amazon Prime Video right now

Amazon Prime Video is an even better anime streaming supplement thanks to the optional Crunchyroll channel, with additions like Jujustu Kaisen and Mushi-Shi.
Joker and several other Batman villains in comic book art for Hush.

5 best Batman villains ever, ranked

The Dark Knight is arguably the greatest comic book character ever, and he has a collection of deranged and dangerous villains to support his claim.
Panos Panay with a Surface

I’m worried about the future of the Microsoft Surface

2023 has been a hard year for Microsoft's Surface, and it's left the PC brand with an uncertain future.
You Asked Ep 12

You Asked 12: streaming audio, hotel TVs, and OLED burn-in

In this installment of You Asked, we tackle the wild volume disparity between streaming apps, how to change hotel TV settings, and more.
Android 14 easter egg on OnePlus 11 with OxygenOS 14 beta.

There’s a big problem with smartphone software updates

Software updates are an essential part of any smartphone. But they're also broken and messy — and they need to change.
Link pulls out the master sword in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Nintendo’s Zelda movie needs to be nothing like The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie may have been a success, but the upcoming Zelda movie shouldn't copy its notes.
A man looks out a window in The Killer.

10 best Netflix movies to watch after Thanksgiving

From a few great 2023 movies like The Killer to a classic sci-fi film like Dune, these are the 10 best movies on Netflix to watch after Thanksgiving.
Randy Orton stands on the turnbuckle and puts his arms up.

Where to watch WWE Survivor Series: WarGames 2023 live stream

For WWE fans, November means one thing: Survivor Series. Find out where to watch a live stream of WWE Survivor Series: WarGames 2023.
Artist’s illustration of ultra-high-energy cosmic ray astronomy to clarify extremely energetic phenomena.

Super high energy particle falls to Earth; its source is a mystery

Researchers have detected one of the highest-energy particles ever falling to Earth. And no one knows where it came from.
Artist's impression of ESA's Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE) approaching Earth.

Juice spacecraft gears up for first ever Earth-moon gravity boost

The Juice mission is on its way to Jupiter, and it will be carrying out the first gravity assist around both Earth and the moon.
An artists rendering of a blue and white exoplanet known as WASP-80 b, set on a star-studded black background. Alternating horizontal layers of cloudy white, grey and blue cover the planets surface. To the right of the planet, a rendering of the chemical methane is depicted with four hydrogen atoms bonded to a central carbon atom, representing methane within the exoplanet's atmosphere. An artist’s rendering of the warm exoplanet WASP-80 b whose color may appear bluish to human eyes due to the lack of high-altitude clouds and the presence of atmospheric methane identified by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, similar to the planets Uranus and Neptune in our own solar system.

How astronomers used James Webb to detect methane in the atmosphere of an exoplanet

Scientists using the James Webb Space Telescope recently announced they had made a rare detection of methane in an exoplanet atmosphere.
NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter is seen here in a close-up taken by Mastcam-Z, a pair of zoomable cameras aboard the Perseverance rover. This image was taken on April 5, the 45th Martian day, or sol, of the mission.

NASA engineers testing successor to Ingenuity helicopter rotors

NASA is investigating the possibility of more helicopters for future Mars missions, and recently shared a peek at its testing of new Mars helicopter hardware.
Master & Dynamic MW09 case charging wirelessly.

Wireless earbuds case won’t charge wirelessly? Try this fix

Got a set of wireless earbuds that simply won't recharge when you drop them on a wireless charger? This might help.
saltburn similar movies you have to watch the talented mr ripley 2

3 movies and TV shows like Saltburn you have to watch

If you liked the new movie Saltburn with Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan, you should check out these three movies and TV shows that are just like it.
The cast of stranger things stand next to each other and look up.

10 surprising facts about Stranger Things you didn’t know

Stranger Things is one of the most beloved Netflix series. As as we prepare for it to come to a close after five seasons, here are some surprising facts.
Pete Davidson in a white tank and dark circles around his eyes playing the character Stu in the SNL Digital Short.

3 SNL Digital Shorts you should watch right now

Three SNL Digital Shorts you should watch right now include a Christmas-themed classic, Pete Davidson at his best, and Peyton Manning at his worst.
Cyberpunk 2077 running on the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 monitor.

These are the rules I live by when optimizing PC game performance

Optimizing the performance and image quality of PC games isn't easy, but these simple rules can steer you in the right direction.
Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell in Bones and All.

The best horror movies on Amazon Prime right now

Get ready for Christmas with one of Amazon Prime Video’s best horror movies. For December 2023, we advise keeping your eyes peeled for madmen morticians.
The Paste Mac app, with its clipboard bar open and the Paste homepage in Safari.

This simple app changed how I use my Mac forever

Copying and pasting in macOS seems pretty basic, but there’s one Mac app that gives it such a huge boost that Apple should really sit up and take notice.
The U-Turn Orbit Special turntable playing a record.

U-Turn Orbit Special turntable review: revamped and out of this world

The U-Turn Orbit Special has gotten a long-awaited upgrade that has made it one of the best midrange turntables you can buy and an absolute joy to use.
Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in The X-Files.

10 best episodes of The X-Files, ranked

Celebrate 30 years of The X-Files with a look back at the ten best episodes from the show's 11-season run on Fox.
Apple MacBook Pro 14 front view showing display and keyboard deck.

I’m a laptop reviewer. Here’s why I still use a laptop from 2021

I keep going back to a laptop I purchased in 2021, even as I continue to review solid alternatives. My Apple MacBook Pro 14 from 2021 remains my favorite.
Google Messages app on a Pixel 8 Pro, showing an RCS Chat message thread.

What is RCS messaging? Everything you need to know about the SMS successor

What is RCS? Rich Communication Services messaging is the next-generation SMS with group chats, video, audio, and images. Here's what you need to know.
gta 6 first trailer speculation v

We need to see these 3 things in Grand Theft Auto 6’s first trailer

With the first Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer only weeks away, these are the three things we need to see in the grand debut.
Astronauts walk in space in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Check out this great movie before it leaves Amazon Prime Video next week

Looking for a great film to watch after Thanksgiving? Then check out this classic groundbreaking movie before it leaves Amazon Prime Video next week.
A frustrated person looking at a laptop.

How to uninstall McAfee

Preinstalled antivirus software got you down? Never fear. With a few clicks, we can help you get rid of McAfee for good, so you can install something better.
Coleman Domingo in Rustin.

The best Netflix original movies right now

The best Netflix original movies now include Rustin, The Killer, Pain Hustlers, Nyad, and several other films that will keep you entertained for a long time.
A person sits in front of a laptop. On the laptop screen is the home page for OpenAI's ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot.

What is OpenAI Q*? The mysterious breakthrough that could ‘threaten humanity’

This mysterious AI project may have been the reason for firing OpenAI Sam Altman. Is it really that big of a deal?
Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie smile at each other in Barbie.

I review movies for a living — here are the best Black Friday DVD deals

As Digital Trends' resident movie critic, here are my picks for the best Black Friday deals on DVDs and Blu-rays at Best Buy this year.