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Saab Hannah

Saab Hannah


Saab has a passion for all things entertainment, whipping up articles as a writer for Digital Trends and updating top-performing lists while editing a high volume of content for Collider. Before her work with the two sites, she was a Senior Writer for Screen Rant, where she wrote SEO-optimized lists about the movies, shows, and games that she loved. She’s based in Metro Manila where she spends her time outside of work taking care of 100 houseplants, three cats, and one partner (in between binge-watching the latest episodes of her favorite dystopian TV series, of course).

A group of animated characters stand around Klaus.

The best animated Christmas movies you need to watch now

The best animated Christmas movies are festive favorites from nostalgic classics like A Charlie Brown Christmas to contemporary delights like Klaus.
Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore leaning his head against a window in Her (2013).

5 great sci-fi movies that will put you to sleep (in a good way)

The best sci-fi movies to fall asleep to have dreamy visuals, a slow pace, and a beautiful score. From Arrival to Her, these films promise a restful night.
Uma Thurman as The Bride wielding her katana in Kill Bill Vol. 1.

10 most violent action movies ever

From Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and Ichi the Killer to Mandy and Battle Royale, these are 10 of the most violent action movies ever made.
Charlie and Frank standing next to a mic in Frank's Back in Business in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

7 most underrated It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes ever

For every popular episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, there's a hidden gem worth watching, from Frank's Back in Business to The Gang Gives Back.
A man in a hazmat suit sprays the ground in Chernobyl.

10 best modern miniseries of all time, ranked

From horror shows like The Haunting of Hill House to heart-pounding thrillers like Sharp Objects, these 10 miniseries are the best ever in the last 25 years.
Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road.

10 best dystopian movies of all time, ranked

The best dystopian movies depict disturbing worlds where society has unraveled. From The Hunger Games to A Clockwork Orange, which are the best ones?
Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games.

5 best death game movies you should watch right now

The best death game movies include genre-defining classics like Battle Royale and fan-favorite blockbusters like The Hunger Games.
Kendall Roy walking in Vaulter in Succession

7 most underrated Succession episodes ever, ranked

Succession's most underrated episodes reveal small but critical details that are crucial to the overall narrative of the show, from Austerlitz to What It Takes.
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in the cinema in La La Land

5 best breakup movies, ranked

The best breakup movies are also often the saddest, from cult classics like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to heartbreaking musicals like La La Land.
Four kid characters from South Park standing in a snowy scene.

10 best animated TV shows for adults ever made

The best animated shows for adults prove that cartoons aren't just for kids. From Rick and Morty to The Simpsons, which are the greatest ones?
An astronaut views Earth from space in Ad Astra.

5 best sci-fi movies from the past 5 years you should watch right now

From Ad Astra to Everything Everywhere All at Once, these sci-fi movies showcase the best the genre has to offer in the past 5 years and should be watched ASAP.