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A close-up photo of the Shortcuts app on an Apple device, against a red background.

One of my favorite Mac apps is driving me nuts

Apple’s Shortcuts app is incredibly advanced, yet there’s almost no official help on how to use it properly. Apple needs to fix this -- here’s what it can do.
Elon Musk as Wario in a sketch from Saturday Night Live.

Is Elon Musk the worst SNL host ever?

Elon Musk is the richest man alive, but he is also the worst SNL host in recent memory. DT looks back at his hosting stint and examines what went wrong.
Wiim Amp in space grey.

Wiim’s new amplified streamer mimics the Sonos Amp, for $299

The Wiim Amp is the latest network music streamer from Wiim to take the Sonos formula and make it far more affordable.
Samsung One UI 6 Quick Settings on Galaxy A34 kept on a table with retan surface and purple flowers in foreground.

I used Samsung’s next big smartphone update. Here’s why I love it

One UI 6 is its biggest software update for Samsung phones in many years. I recently got to use it — and I think I love it.
A boy talks to Santa in A Christmas Story.

Max reveals Holiday Central curated collection of films and TV shows

Celebrate classic Christmas movies like A Christmas Story, Elf, and more with Max's Holiday Central and special curated lists of holiday films and TV shows.
HP Spectre Foldable PC front view showing desktop mode.

I reviewed 40 laptops in 2023. Here are the 5 that stood out

I reviewed a ton of laptops in 2023, and a handful stood out. Whether you're looking for value, innovation, or performance, one of these five laptops will suffice.
Jim, Dwight, and Michael in "The Office."

10 most underrated The Office episodes ever, ranked

The Office is one of the most binge-watched shows ever made, but viewers should stop to appreciate these 10 underrated episodes during their next run-through.
Rachel Brosnahan in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

3 best Prime Video shows to watch for Thanksgiving

From one of 2023's funniest comedies to a nostalgic 1960s-set series, these Prime Video shows are the best ones to catch on turkey day.
The Double Tap symbol on the Apple Watch Series 9

Why the Apple Watch’s newest feature is doomed to fail

The Double Tap gesture control for the Apple Watch is great, but unfortunately, history shows similar tech doesn't always survive.
play loddlenaut this thanksgiving loddles

This hidden gem is the perfect game for your Thanksgiving day relaxation

If you're looking for a great game to chill out to after Thanksgiving dinner, this indie hidden gem is a perfect choice.
The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro showing the screens.

How to turn off the always-on display on the iPhone 15 Pro and 14 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max feature Apple's always-on display technology, but you may want to turn it off. Luckily, doing so is simple.
SpaceX's Starship rocket leaving the launchpad on Saturday.

SpaceX’s dramatic 360 video of Starship launch puts you on the launch tower

SpaceX has released a dramatic 360-degree video showing Saturday's launch of the Starship, the world's most powerful rocket.
Apple CEO Tim Cook during an interview with the BBC in November 2023.

Apple boss Tim Cook hints at who might succeed him

Estimated to be worth more than $1 billion, Apple CEO Tim Cook could retire any time he likes. But in a recent interview he said he's going nowhere.
The Super Heavy rocket during the Starship's launch in November 2023.

Watch SpaceX’s amazing slo-mo footage of Starship launch

SpaceX is continuing to share remarkable imagery from the second integrated test flight of its powerful Super Heavy booster and Starship spacecraft.
An open MacBook Pro on a table.

The MacBook Pro we all want is still many years away

Apple might be on the road to an OLED touchscreen MacBook Pro, in a few years.
A man holding a teacup staring at laptop screen.

How to change your Google background in Chrome

Make Chrome more interesting! Here's how to change your Google background in a new tab using themes provided in the Chrome Web Store or using a custom image.
watch squid game the challenge netflix  cr pete dadds 2023

Where to watch Squid Game: The Challenge, Netflix new reality show

Squid Game, the popular South Korean survival drama, is being transformed into a reality competition series. Find out where to watch Squid Game: The Challenge.
Carmy talking with one of his employees in the back kitchen in a scene from The Bear.

3 best Hulu shows to watch for Thanksgiving

These three shows are the best ones on Hulu to check out this Thanksgiving.
The Blink XT2 cam sitting on a table.

The best indoor security cameras of 2023

Looking for an indoor security cam to watch for intruders, monitor pets, and give you a live feed into your home? We rounded up the top models.
Anna Sawai stands in the rain in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.

Does Monarch: Legacy of Monsters signal the slow death of the cinematic universe as we know it?

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is a frequently entertaining adventure series, but it also feels like a relic of an era that's either dead or dying.
ECG app on the Fitbit Charge 6.

The best fitness trackers in 2023: 13 best ones you can buy

Looking for your first fitness tracker or an upgrade to the one you're wearing? Here are our picks for the best fitness trackers that are available right now.
A solider from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

When a high frame rate can lose you the game

Nvidia's Frames Win Games campaign has a lot of truth, but with DLSS 3 Frame Generation, the sentiment gets a little more complicated.
Sonos Era 300

Sonos headphones to make 2024 debut, and a video streaming device is set for 2025

In addition to the widely rumored Sonos wireless headphones, the company is planning a Roku-like set-top box, according to Bloomberg.
Toad explaining Hidden Treasures to Mario.

All hidden chest locations in Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG is a short, but sweet game that hides tons of extra secrets. Thirty-nine Hidden Chests can be found, and we'll show you where.
Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon in Pleasantville.

3 best (HBO) Max movies to watch for Thanksgiving

Are you looking for some holiday streaming options? Then check out the three best Max movies that you can should watch for Thanksgiving.
Princess Peach with a parasol in Super Mario RPG.

Super Mario RPG Wedding Hall guide: Where to find Peach’s crown and other accessories

Peach is about to be married to Booster in Super Mario RPG, but not if Mario can help it. First, he needs to find her crown and accessories, which were lost.
A man in a hazmat suit sprays the ground in Chernobyl.

10 best modern miniseries of all time, ranked

From horror shows like The Haunting of Hill House to heart-pounding thrillers like Sharp Objects, these 10 miniseries are the best ever in the last 25 years.
Two RTX 4070 graphics cards sitting side by side.

Nvidia’s GPU lineup is about to get completely reshuffled

Nvidia's upcoming RTX 40 Super refresh may bring several new GPUs, but what happens to their older versions?
Super Mario RPG shop

Where to get a snack for the Frog Sage in Super Mario RPG

If you want to move the story forward in Super Mario RPG, you'll first need to find a snack for the Frog Sage, and we'll tell you where to do so.
Safety Ring Super Mario RPG

Where to find the Safety Ring in Super Mario RPG

The Safety Ring is a very useful accessory to have in Super Mario RPG, but it's rather well hidden. Don't worry, though, as we'll tell you where to find it.
Sunbird messages app for Android

Sunbird — the sketchy iMessage for Android app — just shut down

Sunbird, the iMessage app that powered Nothing Chats, is shutting down. And the way it happened is a bit ... odd.
Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jonah Hill, and Michael Cera in Superbad.

5 movies leaving Netflix in November you have to watch

These are the five movies leaving Netflix at the end of November that you need to watch, including Arrival and Superbad.
An iMessage sent through the Nothing Chats app.

I used the worst app of 2023

Nothing Chats let you send iMessages from an Android phone, but it turned out to be a privacy nightmare. I tried it before it was removed from the Play Store.
baby driver movie ansel elgort

Every Edgar Wright movie, ranked from worst to best

With the new show Scott Pilgrim Takes Off now streaming on Netflix, it's time to rank all of Edgar Wright's movies from worst to best.