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Joe Allen

Joe Allen


Joe Allen is a freelance writer based in upstate New York focused on movies and TV.

Ben Affleck in Gone Girl.

5 great Ben Affleck movies you should watch

From his early work in Good Will Hunting to his underrated performance in 2021's The Last Duel, these Ben Affleck movies are the ones you should watch.
Two men and two women sit together in 1992's White Men Can't Jump.

5 great Wesley Snipes movies you should watch

Wesley Snipes is one of the great movie stars of his generation.

5 great Jake Gyllenhaal movies you should watch

Jake Gyllenhaal has had a strange career, but produced some undeniably great movies that deserve to be watched again and again.
6 adults stand in the woods in It Chapter Two.

5 sequels that did worse than the original movie

From a Steven Spielberg dud to a follow-up to one of the most successful horror movies ever, these sequels did worse than their predecessors at the box office.
Four main teenage characters from Reservation Dogs walking down the street.

This is the single best TV show to watch on Hulu in September

This hit comedy is the single best TV show you should watch on Hulu in September. Find out what it is and why it's so good.
golden globe nominees revealed gravity movie review sandra bullock shiop

3 sci-fi movies with great female lead characters

From a 1980s James Cameron classic to an Oscar-winning film with Sandra Bullock, these sci-fi movies prove there are plenty of great female leads in sci-fi.
Jack glances backwards in Don't Worry Darling.

Harry Styles is in one of Netflix’s most popular movies now. Here’s why you should watch it

Harry Styles starred in one of 2022's most talked about films. It's now one of Netflix's most popular movies this week. Here's why you should watch it.
Ana de Armas and Chris Evans as Sadie and Cole about to kiss in the 2023 movie Ghosted.

5 worst movies of 2023 so far

Not every movie can be a gem, so we're here to count down the five worst movies of 2023 so far.
Rachel Sennott wears her hair in pigtails in Bottoms.

3 Netflix comedy movies like Bottoms you should watch right now

From a wicked revenge comedy to an underrated Ryan Gosling movie, these Netflix comedies will give you the same hilarious experience that Bottoms provides.
Malcolm McDowell

10 banned movies you have to watch right now

From a 1970s horror classic to a raunchy animated South Park comedy, these movies were banned from at least one country, but all of them are essential watches.
Joe Bird holds an unholy ceramic hand, his face bruised and bloodied.

5 best horror movies of 2023 so far

From a startling Australian original to a reimagining of a classic scary film franchise, these horror movies prove the genre is far from dead in 2023.
Ronald Gladden and James Marsden standing beside each other in court on the series Jury Duty.

3 underrated TV shows on Amazon Freevee you should watch in September

From one of the year's best comedies to a series for Oppenheimer fans, these underrated TV shows are worth watching if you have Amazon's Freevee service.
Three people aim their guns in They Cloned Tyrone.

3 best sci-fi movies of 2023 so far

From a Scarlett Johansson film to a mind-bending tale with Mia Goth, these sci-fi movies prove that 2023 has already delivered plenty for fans of the genre.
Barbie comes between two Kens in Barbie.

3 best comedies of 2023 so far

From the year's most popular movie to an underrated raunchy movie with Jennifer Lawrence, 2023 has already delivered a couple of potential comedy classics.
Archie Madekwe looks at David Harbour in Gran Turismo.

3 Netflix movies like Gran Turismo you should watch right now

From a racing biopic to an Adam Sandler basketball film (what???), these Netflix movies will fit the bill if you're looking for pictures like Gran Turismo.
Thanos about to snap in Avengers: Infinity War.

The 7 most powerful weapons in the MCU

Marvel movies usually have tons of weapons like the Infinity Gauntlet and Thor's hammer. Digital Trends ranks the seven most powerful weapons in the MCU.
WALL-E reaching out to a ring system in "WALL-E."

5 sci-fi movies on Disney+ that are perfect to watch in the summer

From James Cameron's aquatic fantasy to James Gunn's action space romp, these sci-fi movies remind you of Disney's long history of great science fiction.
Two men are covered in cake in Red, White & Royal Blue.

3 best rom-coms of 2023 so far

From a quiet tale of two lovers in London to a rom-com involving a prince and the son of a U.S. president, these 2023 rom-coms are the best so far this year.
Rosario Dawson in The Mandalorian.

The best female Star Wars characters, ranked

In honor of the Disney+ show Ahsoka debuting this week, Digital Trends ranks the best female Star Wars characters across the entire franchise.
Sidney Prescott is looking at the killer in Scream

5 movies leaving Paramount+ in August you need to watch now

From a mob movie classic to a Mark Wahlberg action movie remake, these five movies should definitely be watched before they leave Paramount+ in August.

5 movies leaving Max in August you need to watch now

From a great Christopher Nolan movie to underrated Christian Bale film, these five movies are ones you should watch before they leave Max in August.
Under the Skin on Netflix

3 underrated movies on Max you need to watch in August

From a forgotten Scarlett Johansson sci-fi film to a great love story set in Hong Kong, these underrated movies on Max are perfect to watch this month.
Avengers: Age of Ultron

The 7 best locations in the MCU

From Xandar Plaza in the first Guardians of the Galaxy to the Hydra base in Avengers: Age of Ultron, these MCU locations give their scenes some real gravity.
imax logo led

All the IMAX movie theaters in the U.S.

Want to see the best possible version of the latest popular movie like Oppenheimer? Then check out DT's full rundown of every IMAX movie theater in the U.S.
Two members of the cast of Coherence looking contemplative.

5 sci-fi movies on Peacock that are perfect to watch in the summer

These sci-fi movies are among the best that you can see now on Peacock.
Margot Robbie in Barbie.

5 Margot Robbie movies and TV shows you need to watch

Now that you've seen her in Barbie, you should check out these 5 great movies and TV shows starring Australian actress Margot Robbie.
Corey Hawkins and Liam Cunningham in The Last Voyage of the Demeter.

3 Netflix movies like The Last Voyage of the Demeter you should watch

From an underrated horror prequel to a spooky modern-day vampire tale, these Netflix movies will hit the same spot as The Last Voyage of the Demeter.
A woman and a creature tough glass in The Shape of Water

5 movies leaving Hulu in August you need to watch

From an Oscar-winning Best Picture to an underrated Christian Bale movie, these are the best movies on Hulu that won't be there come September 1.
Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer.

5 Cillian Murphy movies and TV shows to stream if you liked Oppenheimer

If you loved the hit Christopher Nolan biopic Oppenheimer, these five Cillian Murphy movies and shows may fit the bill.
Colin Farrell walks with his donkey in The Banshees of Inisherin.

5 drama movies on Max that are perfect to watch in the summer

From Colin Farrell losing it in Ireland to one of Joaquin Phoenix's best pictures, these movies on Max are great to watch in the waning days of summer.
Brad Pitt as Jesse James sitting in a chair.

3 underrated movies on Prime Video you need to watch in August

From a classic murder mystery to a cult Western, these underrated movies you can watch now on Prime Video are sure to keep you entertained throughout August.
A man raises an arm in a boxing ring in The Fighter.

5 movies leaving Prime in August 2023 you need to watch

From The Fighter to The Road, these 5 movies are leaving Prime Video in August 2023 and are worth a watch.
Masked Vikings patrol the woods in The Northmen.

5 action movies on Peacock that are perfect to watch in the summer

From a wild comic book adaptation to a brutal Viking revenge tale, these action movies are among the best available to watch on Peacock.
21 jump street men in black crossover director weapons duo

5 comic book movies on Prime Video that are perfect to watch in the summer

From a Kick-Ass sequel to Will Smith kicking alien ass in the '90s, these comic book movies are one of many reasons to check out your Prime Video subscription.