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What to watch on Netflix when you’ve run out of things to watch

By now, you’ve probably blown through all of your favorite shows on Netflix, maybe even watched a few movies. But you still have plenty of time to kill, so what can you fill it with?

It’s all about finding hidden gems. These particular shows might not be trending, and they might not have piqued your interest enough to flag them for later viewing. But each one is captivating in its own way and might just become your next TV binging obsession.

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Originally aired on ABC, this drama thriller stars Priyanka Chopra as Alex, an FBI employee who becomes the prime suspect in a terrorist attack, leaving her to flee while trying to prove her innocence. The show flips between present day and the past and aired for three seasons from 2015-2018. Quantico made Chopra the first South Asian to head up the cast of an American network drama.

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Critics might not have liked this series, but it seems audiences had a different opinion: Critics gave it an abysmal 22% average Tomatometer score on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, while the average audience score was a much more respectable 73%. The series, a joint production between Netflix and Canadian network Citytv, follows a disease that hits the fictional small town of Pretty Lake and mysteriously only kills people over the age of 22. It’s predictable and almost silly, but it provides a thought-provoking look at what could happen if the only people left to try and save humanity were kids and young Millennials.

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Dirty Money

The second season of this docuseries premiered on March 11, 2020. Each episode looks at topics like corporate corruption, securities fraud, and creative accounting within companies that had questionable rises to the top or dealt with controversy. Season 1 covers stories like the Volkswagen emissions scandal and HSBC money laundering for the Sinaloa Cartel, while season 2 delves into everything from the Wells Fargo account fraud scandal to Jared Kushner.

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The Five

As the first television project based on author Harlan Coben’s books, this British crime drama has just 10 episodes in a single season, so it’s a quick yet riveting binge. Four-grade school friends Mark, Danny, Slade, and Pru reconnect when DNA evidence at a murder scene is linked to Mark’s younger brother Jesse, who disappeared while hanging out with the crew 20 years prior. Has Jesse been alive this whole time, and if so, has he become a terrible criminal? Every episode raises questions about what really happened that fateful night and if the man who claimed to have abducted and killed Jesse decades ago really did what he said he did.

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Queen of the South

If you love Narcos, this crime drama will be right up your alley. As an adaptation of the Telemundo telenovela La Reina del Sur, which itself was adapted from the Arturo Perez-Reverte novel of the same name, the series is about a poor woman from Sinaloa who gets caught up in the drug trade. And in the most unwholesome rags to riches story you can imagine, she becomes the kingpin, er, queen. Every episode will have you at the edge of you seat as you watch her rise to power and become more ruthless than her enemies. There are four seasons thus far with a fifth in the works.

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Inbar Lavi (Prison Break, Lucifer) captivates as Maddie, a con woman who’s M.O. is to get wealthy and powerful men to fall in love with her, propose, and get married. She then cleans their bank accounts dry, leaving a video goodbye message behind before she disappears into the sunset. Except her latest victim, a shy and sweet man named Ezra, feels so slighted and hurt by her betrayal (more so than the money she took) that he decides to try and track her down to confront her. In the process, he runs into more exes, and they team up for a cat and mouse game that’s equal parts drama and comedy as they cluelessly try to beat her at her own game. There are two seasons with 20 episodes total.

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This science fiction series stars Will & Grace‘s Eric McCormack as Grant MacLaren, the leader of the travelers, operatives of the past who have had their consciousnesses transferred to “host” bodies of people in current day. Their mission? To try and save people who are about to die. The post-apocalyptic series was a co-production between Netflix and Canadian specialty channel Showcase for seasons 1 and 2, but Netflix took over for season 3. It’s now canceled despite viewers seeming to love it, giving it an almost perfect Rotten Tomatoes audience score of 98%.

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You’d think this series would have gotten more attention given that it features Academy Award-winning actor Renee Zellweger. A neo-noir thriller anthology series, it examines the “ripple effects of what happens when acceptable people start doing unacceptable things.” The idea is for each season to look at a different tale of morality. Season 1, which chronicled a couple desperate to fund a tech start-up who make a deal with a mysterious investor, received generally mixed reviews, though Zellweger received almost universal praise for her role.

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Seven Seconds

This drama is based on the Russian film The Major by Yuri Bykov, about the investigation into the death of a young black teenager who is accidentally hit by the car of a white police officer. Assuming the young boy is dead, the officer calls in backup to try and cover it up. Full of racial tension and emotion, the 10-episode limited series stars multi-award winner Regina King. It received pretty decent reviews, and though it’s predictable, if you’re looking for something socially topical, this is a good option.

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White Gold

Deliciously irreverent, this British sitcom is a great watch if you loved shows like Entourage and House of Lies. Vincent is an arrogant, self-centered windows salesman who wants more for his life, and feels he deserves it. Disrespectful of his wife, friends, and customers, he cons people out of their money while living a lavish lifestyle on their dime. Ed Westwick plays Vincent beautifully while his castmates, former Inbetweeners cast members Joe Thomas and James Buckley, provide additional comic relief. You’ll be laughing and rolling your eyes at how ridiculously conceited Vincent is and what he gets away with. Plow through the 12 episodes of two seasons to date, and they will leave you wanting more.

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