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How to add friends in Sea of Thieves

Now that anyone can join in on the pirate fun in Sea of Thieves across all platforms, that means there's no reason you need to sail the seas solo. Beginners especially will benefit from forming a crew to help ease into the experience, but inviting and playing with your friends isn't always smooth sailing. Because your friends can be on PS5, Xbox, or PC, inviting friends isn't as straightforward as a traditional game. Let's raise our flags and team up for some expeditions together to learn how to add friends and team up in Sea of Thieves.




5 minutes

What You Need

  • Microsoft account

Pirates exploring in Sea of Thieves.

How to invite friends on PlayStation

When you boot up Sea of Thieves on any system other than Xbox, you will be prompted to sign in or create a Microsoft account. This is free and only takes a moment, and will allow you to continue your progress if you ever want to play on Xbox or PC later.

Step 1: Create or sign in to your Microsoft account.

Step 2: Go through the linking process to connect your PSN account to your Microsoft account.

Step 3: You can now add Xbox and PC friends to your friends list.

Step 4: Once friends are added, they will show up in your normal PSN friends list while playing Sea of Theives.

Step 5: Select who you want to play with and choose Invite to Game to bring them into your server.

The process of inviting friends is almost identical on PC, but you will need to add friends via the Xbox app instead.

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