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How to upload a custom coat of arms in Manor Lords

If you really want to feel like the lord of your own kingdom in Manor Lords, you will want to make the experience as personalized as possible. Naming your budding village is a great start, but your coat of arms is a visual representation of your kingdom that appears far more prominently. When you are starting a new game, you will have a decent selection of symbols, designs, and colors to make something cool from, but there's far from endless freedom. You do have the ability to create any coat of arms you want, though it does take some extra work outside of the game itself. Here's how it works.




15 minutes

What You Need

  • Photo-editing software

The coat of arms screen in Manor Lords.
Slavic Magic

How to upload a custom coat of arms

Unfortunately, there are no in-game tools or systems to let you have complete control over your coat of arms. If you want to design anything your mind can come up with, this is the only way for now.

Step 1: Download the coat of arms template PNG from the official Manor Lords press kit.

Step 2: Open this file in your photo-editing software of choice.

Step 3: Create whatever custom design you like within the bounds of the template.

Step 4: Delete the template_custom_coat.png layer and save your final design.

Step 5: Open up C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\ManorLords\Saved\SaveGames* and save your file under the name *custom_coat.png.

Step 6: Click on the Load Custom Texture in the coat of arms screen.

Step 7: Your customized design will appear and be ready to use.

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