Hidden booty: Our favorite ‘Sea of Thieves’ Easter eggs and secrets

Rare’s Sea of Thieves is one of the most consistently beautiful-looking games we’ve ever played, with gorgeous, tropical vistas at every turn. In addition to being generally fun and colorful to look at, the world is littered with little secrets and Easter eggs for eagle-eyed players. Many of these were made by the developers in tribute to players and community members for particularly memorable deeds or contributions. We’ve scoured the sea to record some of our favorites.

The first dead player (Ferry of the Damned)

Will Fulton

The very first player to die and be transported to the Ferry of the Damned when the feature was implemented in the Alpha, hallower1980, has their named carved onto the ship just to the right of the door back to the realm of the living (although the year was translated into Roman numerals).

The first death by falling (Shipwreck Bay)

Will Fulton

IOnEI_Falcon was the first pirate to plummet to their death when falling damage was added, so the developers memorialized the spot with a skeleton’s legs sticking out of the ground and a carving of their name into the stone behind them.

Prolific writer skeleton (Golden Sands Outpost)

Will Fulton

Player Diamyo Dorima was an early community member who apparently gave extensive notes to the developers, so they have been honored with a skeleton writing on a long parchment, sitting up against the water tower on Golden Sands Outpost.

Beached skeleton (Mermaid’s Hideaway)

Will Fulton

On the beach of Mermaid’s Hideaway, a skeleton has crawled out of the water and is grasping at a rock where their name, ArchAngel-Aeon, is carved. Apparently ArchAngel spent more time swimming than any other player during a single Technical Alpha session.

Griffin McElroy’s skeleton (Marauder’s Arch)

Polygon writer (and sweet baby brother) Griffin McElroy took one for the team at E3 2016 when, following Microsoft’s press conference, he ate an unpeeled banana,  just like the pirates in the game. His bravery has been commemorated with a skeleton of a man who died from eating bananas on the beach at Marauder’s Arch.

Rock-perched skeleton (Plunder Outpost)

Will Fulton

The skeleton of player Deadsniper15915 can be found perched up on a rock ledge behind Plunder Outpost. It’s midway up the spire on the east side, and the only way to get up there is by firing yourself out of a cannon. We don’t know what exactly it commemorates.

Mind your head (Ancient Spire Outpost)

Will Fulton

There’s a sign over the tavern door at the Ancient Spire Outpost that reads “LindsayElyse Mind your head.” It’s there to honor a memorable moment from her Twitch stream when she fired herself out of her ship’s cannon to land precisely in the doorway, where she took a celebratory swig.

Tay Doge Swift (Mermaid’s Hideway)

Will Fulton

Leaning up against a rock on Mermaid’s Hideaway, a sign reads “Tay Doge Swift,” along with a picture of a dog and a concertina. They were apparently a beloved and well-known early member of the game’s community.

Underwater ruins (Uncharted Islands)

There are several islands that don’t appear on players’ sea charts. The ones we know of, you can find at the coordinates L14, S16, and N10. All three islands feature shipwrecks and ancient ruins that look vaguely South American or Central American. At S16, if you follow a cave tunnel through the underwater arch, you come up in a cave chamber with a statue/altar. We suspect it may have something to do with the Pirate Legend endgame.

Kraken Skeletons (Uncharted Island, Marauder’s Arch)

The fearsome Kraken can strike at random whenever you’re sailing with a full crew. That’s not the only sign you’ll see of the legendary beast in the world, though. There are monstrous Kraken skeletons scattered throughout the map. We’ve noted two so far: One on the beach at Marauder’s Arch, and a second deep in an underwater chasm, just off the uncharted islands at L14.

We’ll keep updating our list of Easter eggs and sights to see in Sea of Thieves as we discover and hear about more. Stay tuned!

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