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How to play the Smite 2 alpha test

During the big MOBA boom, Smite stood out primarily for its unique perspective. Instead of the traditional isometric view that games like League of Legends and DOTA 2 used, Smite was played from a more traditional third-person point of view. This made it far more approachable than its competitors, and it has enjoyed a loyal fan base for the last decade. Despite constant updates and new additions, fans have been ready for a more substantial upgrade to the game, and we will soon have it when Smite 2 arrives sometime soon. However, alpha tests are already underway and you can join in if you want to be one of the first to jump into the fray.




5 minutes

What You Need

  • A Steam, PSN, or Xbox account

A lineup of gods in Smite 2.
Hi-Rez Studios

How to sign up for the alpha tests on PC

There are slightly different methods for signing up to play Smite 2 early depending on your platform of choice. Here is how to sign up on PC.

Step 1: Head to the Smite 2 Steam page.

Step 2: Scroll down and select Request Access beside the Join the Smite 2 Playtest section.

Step 3: Wait for a notification on Steam to let you know you've been chosen to play.

How to sign up on consoles

The process on consoles is slightly different, but just as easy.

Step 1: Go to the official Smite 2 website.

Step 2: At the top left, click Register For Alpha.

Step 3: Select your platform and enter your email address

Step 4: Look for an email notifying you that you've been selected.

Neither of these methods guarantee you can play Smite 2 early, unfortunately. If you want to make certain you can play in the alpha, the only way is to purchase the Founder's Edition for $30.

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