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How to redeem codes on Xbox Series X

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Whether you have a code for a full game, a Game Pass subscription, or a gift card to add funds to your wallet to purchase a game digitally, the only thing standing between you and whatever that code unlocks is the Xbox Series X/S UI. Xbox hasn't changed it's UI a ton since the Xbox One days, but it can still be a bit cumbersome to work through, especially if you don't redeem codes very often. While the option is a little out of the way, you can access it in just a few seconds once you know where to look.




5 minutes

What You Need

  • An Xbox gift card or code

How to redeem codes on your Xbox Series X/S

If you've got a code ready to go but can't figure out what section of the Xbox Series X/S menu to go to in order to redeem it, we can get you going in just a few quick steps.

Step 1: Boot up your Xbox Series X/S and press the Xbox button in the center of your controller.

The Xbox Series X/S UI.

Step 2: From the guide, select Store.

Step 3: Now press the View button on your controller to open the side menu.

Step 4: Select Redeem and type in your 25-character code.

The Xbox Series X/S Store page.

Step 5: Click Next to complete your redemption.

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