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Flickr to drop the ax on free users, will begin deleting old photos in March

With SmugMug's acquisition of popular photo sharing site Flickr, the company announced that free users would be losing their 1TB of storage and will be limited to 1,000 photographs. Soon, the company will begin deleting photos of free users who are over the limit. Here's how to save your photos.
Apple Mac Mini 2018

Hacker discovers a MacOS exploit that is able to access system passwords

A new exploit for MacOS, known as KeySteal, was discovered by security researcher Linus Henze. The hack can extract passwords and other information from MacOS' Keychain without requiring any form of permission or administrator authentication. As of now, all MacOS systems are vulnerable to the attack.
Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge browser preview to be available as separate download

Microsoft fans looking to get their hands on the latest iteration of the Edge browser, based on Google's Chromium project, will be able to do so without being a part of the Windows Insider Program. The result should allow a more extensive testing group that won't require sacrificing system stability.
MacBook 2015

Apple patents a transformable glass keyboard for MacBooks

Apple's latest filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office shows that the company might be searching for an alternative to the standard keyboard — presenting an idea for a keyboard with a morphable glass top layer that can adapt to provide a physical response when typing.
watch nvidia ces 2019 image how to

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti GPU could be around the corner for less than $300

Nvidia is said to be launching their GTX 1660 Ti graphics card this upcoming February for less than $300 — the offering would provide a mid-range GPU at a great value. Part of the older GTX series, the 1660 Ti would omit Nvidia's ray tracing technology in exchange for the lower price tag.
1984: Apple’s iconic Super Bowl ad for the Mac

Celebrate Macintosh’s 35th birthday by running classic apps on your PC

Celebrate the original Macintosh's 35th birthday with the Advanced Mac Substitute emulator for PC, Mac, Linux, and Android. Rediscover your favorite classic Macintosh apps and games, such as Fool's Errand, Missile, and Solitaire — see why Apple changed history in 1984 and gave IBM a run for its money.
kaspersky releases tool to counteract cryptxxx ransomware

Latest ransomware targets gamers with a malicious sophistication

The latest malicious piece of ransomware, Anatova, has been discovered by the security team at McAfee, lurking on a peer-to-peer file sharing network. Employing a smart tactic to confuse users and able to clean its tracks as it evolves, this is one tough piece of ransomware that needs to be solved.
Chrome OS

Google Chrome’s latest decision could prevent most ad-blockers from functioning

Google Chrome's newest change is cited as a step forward for speed and security, but could profoundly alter how the majority of ad-blocking extensions operate. The new developer API change potentially gives Google more control over exactly which ads can be blocked while browsing the web.
Wifi Porter

Wifi Porter is a high-tech block of wood that lets you share your broadband

Tired of manually connecting your guests to your home Wi-Fi network? The latest invention from the folks at Ten One Design, the WifiPorter, allow family and friends to quickly connect to your Wi-Fi with the tap of their phone, or by scanning an available QR code — available for iOS and Android devices.
bangladeshi bank heist foiled by spelling mistake internet hacking dark net

Data breach compromises 773 million records, 21 million passwords

Security researcher Troy Hunt was alerted to a massive collection of breached data that included more than 773 million compromised records. After digging deeper, the breach, now known as Collection No. 1, contains more than 21 million unique passwords and over 772 million email addresses.
LG Neo Art CES 2019

LG’s Neo Art is a grab-and-go monitor that follows you wherever you go

If you're looking for a portable 27-inch monitor that you can easily grab from your desk and take into another room, then LG might have the perfect product for you at CES 2019 — or at least an exciting concept. The Neo Art USB-C display attempts to change the way you use your desktop monitor.
IBM Q System One

IBM offers a peek at the future of quantum computing with the Q System One

IBM continues to invest in quantum computing for commercial applications with the unveiling of the fully integrated Q System One at CES 2019. An industry first, the Q System One is a completely integrated quantum computer aimed at commercial businesses looking to solve the world's toughest problems.
Samsung Space Monitor

Aluminum, ultrawide, and sleek. These are the best monitors of CES 2019

CES 2019 delivered a great selection of new monitors for those who demand ultrawides for productivity, high response times for gaming, or simply massive displays. Check out our selection of the top five monitors from this year's CES event in Las Vegas to find your next desktop splurge.
Intel Lake Field at CES 2019

From Ice Lake to Coffee Lake, here’s everything Intel announced at CES 2019

Intel finally broke the ice at CES 2019, introducing their 10nm chipset, Ice Lake, said to touchdown this Holiday season. New Coffee Lake CPUs, hybrid Lake Field CPUs, and artificial intelligence, whether in cars or at the Olympics, all made onstage appearances at the Las Vegas event.
Acer Predator Triton 900

Acer unleashes the beast with 2-in-1 Triton 900 packing RTX 2080 GPU

Have you been caught between desiring a monster gaming laptop and a hybrid 2-in-1 Windows machine? If so, then the new Acer Triton 900 might be the perfect machine for you with a convertible chassis, a six-core Intel Core i7 GPU, and Nvidia's latest GeForce RTX 2080 GPU.
Acer Swift 7

Acer Swift 7 dazzles with near-borderless touch display, weighs under two pounds

Not a fan of borders and looking for the thinnest and lightest machine on the market? Acer's latest iteration of the Swift 7 introduces an impressive 1080p 14-inch touchscreen with a 92-percent screen-to-body ratio, all coming in at under two pounds — with an Intel Core i7 CPU.
new macbook pro 8th generation cpu colorful wallpaper

This sale slashes the price off a 2017 MacBook Pro by up to $1,500

If you're looking to pick up a new and powerful MacBook Pro for 2019, look no further than Adorama's current deal offering up to $1,500 off select models of Apple's 2017 MacBook Pro — both 15-inch and 13-inch variations are included, but only for a limited time.
fake ios amazon alexa setup app echo dot 3rd gen

Microsoft’s latest patent lets you issue voice commands silently

Embarrassed of issuing voice commands in public, or tired of screaming over a bunch of houseguests to communicate with a smart speaker? Microsoft might have the answer to a less awkward experience with a new technology that claims it can understand voice commands ushered in near silence.
moto z3 play usb c port

USB-C to become more secure, fight malicious devices with authentication system

Computers and electronic devices with USB-C ports may have less to fear in the future as the USB Implementers Forum and DigiCert introduces a new security system for the standard. Devices may no longer need to live in fear of malicious flash drives or defective power chargers.
AMD Ryzen 5 2400G & Ryzen 3 2200G Review pins

AMD Ryzen 9 3800X CPU may boast 16 Cores and 4.7GHz TurboCore

With CES around the corner, we are seeing a healthy number of leaks such as the new AMD Zen 2 CPUs including Ryzen 5, 7, and 9 offerings. Stealing the show is the AMD 3800X which is promising to offer up 16 cores and 32 threads in a 7nm package — not to mention an impressive 4.7GHZ top clock speed.
A woman sits by a desk and types on a laptop that runs Windows 10.

Windows 10 just now became the most popular version of Windows

Microsoft can rejoice as users begin moving on from Windows 7, increasing Windows 10's overall market share to 39.2 percent worldwide. With support for Windows 7 scheduled to be axed in 2020, Windows 10 remains the best option for the majority of PC users.
Lenovo Yoga 730 13-inch review

Snag the Lenovo Yoga 730 with a Core i7 CPU for $700 off

Are you looking for a great last-minute Windows PC for the holidays? Lenovo is offering up their Yoga 730 2-in-1 notebook for up to $700 off -- that's a massive 40-percent discount. The specs will keep you more than happy with a Core i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM, a 1TB SSD, and an Nividia GPU.
Macbook with Gmail

Hackers find a way to bypass Gmail two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication might be a great way to protect your online accounts, but it isn't foolproof. A new report by Amnesty International has found that hackers have begun using full automated tools to not only phish a user's password but their two-factor authentication code as well in the process.
Nvidia Shield TV 16gb Android TV

Nvidia says you can supercharge GeForce Now game streaming with these routers

Gamers looking to jump into the world of Nivida's GeForce game streaming service may want to pay attention to a new list of routers officially recommended by the company. With a promise to bring new QoS settings to the scene, Nvidia hopes to decrease your latency and improve your overall experience.
Wi-Fi Symbol

Here’s why you might still be using Wi-Fi after cellular 5G launches

Cellular 5G might be around the corner and promising to deliver lightning fast speeds, but it will take some time before the technology fully rolls out. Additionally, the folks over at the Wi-Fi Alliance have a few reasons why they think you shouldn't dump Wi-Fi just yet.
viewsonic XG240R

ViewSonic’s 1080p gaming monitor lets you experience the action in style

ViewSonic is catering to gamers with its latest monitor, the XG240R. Featuring a 1080p 144Hz panel, RGB lighting, and a fast 1ms response time, you can conquer your opponents, and do so in style. Coming in at under $300, the XG240R is poised to be a favorite for gamers looking for a bit of flare.
Microsoft Edge

Former Microsoft intern claims Google may have sabotaged Edge browser

Google's Chrome web browser has been able to establish such dominance that Microsoft is abandoning its propriety web rendering engine, switching Edge over to the Chromium Project, but did Google may have played dirty with code in an attempt to force Microsoft to make the decision with little choice?
chrome 69 user issues google update

Chrome fights manipulative sites that don’t allow you to hit the back button

Have you encountered a webpage that won't let you hit the back button? Some unscrupulous websites employ what is known as history manipulation, preventing you from hitting the back button and returning to your original destination, but now Google Chrome will be fighting back.
Microsoft Andromeda Device

Microsoft’s latest patent paves the way for Andromeda dual-screen mobile device

The latest patent discovery from Microsoft showcases a new hinge design for quickly opening a dual-screen mobile device with a single hand. The leak could this be additional proof surrounding the rumors of the company's upcoming Project Andromeda device or something entirely different.
Microsoft Surface Windows 10 Device

Microsoft’s Windows 10 updates have been a disaster despite safeguards

After a string of Windows 10 update issues, including severe data loss for a number of users, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of Windows, Michael Fortin, has spoken out out about quality control surrounding Windows development at Microsoft. But is the company making excuses?
firefox 58 may be first major browser to block canvas fingerprinting mac screen desk

Firefox 64 helps keep your numerous tabs under control

Mozilla has officially launched Firefox 64 placing new features into the laps of its users including new tab management abilities, intelligent suggestions for extensions and features, and a new task manager for keeping Firefox's power consumption under control.
Razer DeathAdder Elite

Razer’s classic DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse drops to $40 on Amazon

If you're looking to pick up a new gaming mouse for the holidays, then has you covered with this great deal on the classic Razer DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse with customizable buttons, RGB lighting, and an optical sensor with up to 16,000 DPI.
Nvidia Chipset

Leak reveals that Nvidia’s RTX 2060 gaming chipsets will be headed to laptops

The latest leaks of Nvidia's upcoming RTX 2060 have given performance benchmarks and further detail about the future chipset and its capabilities on the latest Turing architecture, while a RTX 2060 Max-Q variant has also been discovered for thin and light gaming machines.
Apple Macbook

Looking for an Apple MacBook below $900? Woot has you covered

If you're looking for a great deal on an Apple MacBook then Amazon's Woot may just have what you have been seeking with machines available for only $810 with Intel M3 CPUs, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB SSDs — available in rose gold, gold, space gray, and silver.