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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 leak shows similar design, new Intel processors

Microsoft’s next upcoming hardware event is scheduled for October 2 and the technology world is waiting for information about the company’s latest Surface Pro. However, a recent leak from a Vietnamese website of the Surface Pro 6 means that we don’t have to wait as long as we thought to get a closer look at the all new Windows tablet hybrid. The Surface Pro 6 has arrived earlier than expected and boasts some surprises that we weren’t expecting.

In a recent roundup, we noted all of the most prominent rumors for the new Surface Pro — some of which have panned out, while others have fizzled. The Surface Pro 6 is by no means a massive overhaul, but instead, an interaction that has focused on upgrading its internals; this most likely concludes that the possible redesign we have heard about for 2019 is the Surface Pro 7 iteration, and not the upcoming Surface Pro 6.

Keeping the external design of the unit similar means the tablet has had merely a slight rounding of its edges and nothing more. When Microsoft introduced the Surface Go, it showed off a new redesign with rounded corners; the Surface Pro 6 doesn’t seem to share the same design, but the smoother edges do show that the company’s lineup may be moving in that direction at some point in the future.

Trên tay Microsoft Surface Pro 6 chưa ra mắt: thiết kế mềm mại hơn, vẫn không có cổng type C

Keeping with minimal external changes means that the leaked Surface Pro 6 doesn’t sport a newer USB-C port. Microsoft has made the position clear that it doesn’t believe the world is ready for a complete USB-C takeover, such as with Apple’s new MacBook lineup, but it was rumored that the company might add a single port to the device. Users looking to take advantage of Thunderbolt speeds may need to wait for another generation for the opportunity.

On the inside, the new Surface Pro 6 is sporting Intel’s latest eighth-generation processors, which offer more performance and higher energy efficiency for users on the go. Due to the power of the chips inside the unit, the Surface Pro has yet to drop its fans, needing the extra cooling for the powerful processors locked inside.

While previous rumors have also laid out evidence for a possible new Surface Pen, there have yet to be any sightings of the accessory. All in all, it looks like 2018 might be an exciting opportunity for individuals seeking to grab a power upgrade over their existing Surface Pros, but don’t expect or want a complete redesign.

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