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Razer’s classic DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse drops to $40 on Amazon

Razer’s classic DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse becomes a bit more affordable as it drops from $70 down to $40 on Amazon. An excellent and affordable pairing for any esports or competitive gamer, we awarded the Razer DeathAdder Elite with official Digital Trends Recommended Product status when we tested it two years ago. Featuring a sturdy construction, responsive mechanical buttons, and a bit of RGB love, you can’t go wrong with the DeathAdder Elite — especially at this sale price.

The DeathAdder Elite packs an impressive 16,000 DPI optical sensor with the ability to track at 450 inches per second (IPS), so it won’t be leaving you behind during an intense firefight or a mentally exhausting game of Minesweeper. Featuring Razer’s mechanical gaming switches, designed by Omron, the mouse is rated to last for up to 50 million clicks, while providing a clicky tactile sensating that we found quite attractive during our initial review.

Beyond the mouse’s impressive internals, the overall ergonomic grip and design of the DeathAdder Elite provide a subdued but sleek styling. Lovers of RGB lighting won’t be left out in the cold either with support for Razer’s Chroma standard — allowing your mouse’s lighting to react to in-game events. Even if your game doesn’t happen to support Chroma, you can customize this mouse with four different lighting modes including spectrum cycling, color breathing, static lighting, and reactive lighting that responds to the mouse’s actions.

Downloading Razer’s supported Synapse software lets you take the DeathAdder Elite to the next level with customizable lighting profiles, performance customization, and custom button mapping — even add in your favorite macros for quick actions while you’re in the game. If you are feeling extremely particular, you can also use Razer’s software to dive into heat maps and other usage data about your specific mouse.

Other noteworthy inclusions with the DeathAdder Elite include seven independently programmable switches, a gaming-grade tactile scroll wheel with improved grip, and a seven-foot braided fiber cable. Best of all, the mouse consists of a two-year warranty from Razer to protect you in case anything happens to go wrong. If you’ve been eyeing the Razer DeathAdder Elite, or just need a new gaming mouse, now is a fantastic time to head over to Amazon before the deal ends.

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