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The best skills to buy first in Another Crab’s Treasure

Another Crab's Treasure
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If you’re looking for a quirky underwater adventure, Another Crab’s Treasure has you covered with its kelp forests, unusual sand-dwelling NPCs, and creative gameplay mechanics. However, it’s worth noting that it’s also a challenging soulslike experience that is certain to leave you facing off against some enemies multiple times before felling them. One way to help this along is to invest in the game’s skills, which often grant you some entirely new attacks or passive abilities that drastically change up the way you approach combat.

There are three skill trees, but you can mix and match between them as you see fit. And luckily, thorough explorers shouldn’t have a problem unlocking most of the skills by the end of the game. Here are our picks for the best ones to buy first to increase your chances of getting there.


Way of the Predator

Enemies attack quickly in Another Crab’s Treasure, while your own attacks tend to happen just a bit slower than you might expect. As such, a great option for aggression is to use the running attack granted by Skewer. Simply sprint at an enemy and press the attack button to poke them quickly for a decent amount of damage. This is especially useful against hulking bosses that keep you on the run a lot.


Way of the Hermit

Melee is a vital component of combat in Another Crab’s Treasure, but if you really want to dish out big damage and make the most of your skill set, you’ll be using a lot of Umami (magic), too. Housewarming is a fantastic choice to pick up early, as it grants you one free spell without using up an Umami charge. Make the most of this against tough enemies and bosses each time you grab a new shell.

You’ll need to purchase Shelleportation and Streamline before getting this skill.


Way of the True Crab

Parrying is frequently a default ability in a soulslike title, but Another Crab’s Treasure requires you to pick it up from your skill tree. You can grab Parry pretty early, though, and we highly recommend it. Using this ability at just the right moment can deflect your opponent’s attack and potentially make them flinch, letting you avoid damage and providing you with an opportunity to get in some extra attacks.

You’ll need to purchase Shelleportation before getting this skill.


Way of the True Crab

Self-Repair is an excellent ability that may remind genre fans of Bloodborne‘s rally system. This passive ability allows you to gain back some of your shell’s recently lost health by landing attacks on your foes. When acting quickly and aggressively, this can make a big difference in overcoming a tough fight without losing a shell.

You’ll need to purchase Shelleportation, Parry, and Aggravation before getting this skill.


Way of the True Crab

Kintsugi is one of the best skills in the game. This helpful passive ability will allow you to regenerate your shell one time per rest. In other words, if you’re in the middle of a fight wearing a shell you really like, you can count on it being immediately restored when an enemy breaks it. It only happens once per rest at a Moon Snail Shell, but it can be a real lifesaver, especially against bosses.

You’ll need to purchase Shelleportation, Parry, Aggravation, and Self-Repair before getting this skill.

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