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Jim Ryan talks about PlayStation on stage at CES 2023.

PlayStation Plus Premium is finally living up to its potential

It took a couple years, but PlayStation Plus Premium is finally living up to its potential.
The TUF Gaming 14 laptop being played on a wooden table.

Best Prime Day gaming laptop deals: Save $800 off RTX 4080

Gamers who are thinking about upgrading with the Prime Day gaming laptop deals should check out our recommendations. We've also got advice on which ones to buy.
Leon parries a chainsaw villager in Resident Evil 4.

All Resident Evil games in order, by release date and chronologically

Resident Evil might be a game about zombies, but the timeline is anything but simple. This is the order the games released and how to play them chronologically.
Lenovo Legion Tower Gaming PC on a table.

Best Prime Day gaming PC deals: AMD, Intel, Nvidia savings

With all kinds of Prime Day gaming PC deals available, it's going to be tough to decide what to buy. We're here to help you out with this list of our top picks.
A Steam library filled with custom artwork.

My Steam library (probably) looks better than yours

There's a treasure trove of customization options within Steam that can turn a bland library into something unique to you.
Mark Borja on crowded train in morning

This Philippines-inspired indie helped me connect to my cultural roots

Until Then is a great narrative adventure game, but one that I especially connected to as a Filipino-American.
Two characters face off in Concord.

Is Concord cross-platform?

Ready to become a Freegunner and earn your glory in Concord? Before you sign up for this deadly adventure, read up on how cross-platform support works here.
Screenshot of the PlayStation 5's user interface.

How to redeem codes on PS5

Digital codes are an easy way to get funds or games on you PlayStation 5, but you have to figure out where you can redeem them first. Here's a quick explainer.
A man with a gun fights a robot in The First Descendant.

The First Descendant dev addresses those Destiny 2 similarities

Nexon has responded to concerns that developers borrowed art and weapon designs from Destiny 2 for The First Descendant.
A woman holding a remote while looking at an Amazon Fire TV with the Xbox app on it. It's on the Cloud Gaming menu with Fallout 76, Senua's Saga Hellblade 2 and more on it.

How to play Xbox Game Pass on Fire TV

Playing Xbox games no longer requires a console if you have a compatible Fire TV or Fire TV stick. Here's how to do it.
The Suicide Squad looking shocked.

You can claim this 2024 video game flop for free on Prime Day

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was the year's first big video game bomb, but if you ever wanted to try it out, it'll be free on Prime soon.
A Nintendo Switch OLED model in its dock next to a regular Switch dock.

This is the longest a Nintendo console has gone without a successor

It's officially been the longest amount of time a Nintendo home console has gone without a successor, surpassing the time between the NES and SNES.
Four aluminum Analogue Pockets side by side. From left we have a blue one, then black, gray, and white.

This super-expensive Analogue Pocket is about to go on sale

Analogue announced its latest special-edition Pocket, and it's made out of aluminum. However, that material comes at a cost.
Featured image shot of WoL looking to the sky

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail review: emotional new expansion leaves a lasting legacy

Final Fantasy XIV delivers an unexpectedly emotional expansion in Dawntrail, though its an experience that requires some patience.
An NES controller.

Your favorite video game is retro now

What makes a video game retro in 2024? We asked developers for their take and came away with some complicated answers.
Promo art for Borderlands 3.

3 multiplayer PS Plus games you should try this weekend (July 12-14)

Looking for new multiplayer games to try out this weekend? Check out these three options on PS Plus.
Yasuke in Assassin's Creed Shadows fighting an enemy. He's dressed in his samurai armor.

These are the games we’re still looking forward to in 2024

It's already been a busy year for video games, but the back stretch of 2024 is even more crowded.
The main character in Neon White sinks in the water.

3 new Xbox Game Pass games to play this weekend (July 12-14)

Xbox Game Pass added a bundle of great games this month. Here's which July releases are worth checking out this weekend.
Custom art in a Steam library.

How to redeem codes on Steam

Steam is the ultimate PC marketplace for gamers, but there are still times when you will need to redeem a code. If you've never done it before, here's how.
Lenovo Legion Tower 7i gaming PC sitting on a table.

This Lenovo Legion gaming PC with RTX 4080 Super is $660 off today

The Lenovo Legion Tower 7i Gen 8 gaming PC with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 Super graphics card is available from Lenovo for only $2,640, for savings of $660.
The Discord shop.

How to use Discord on PS5

A new update has made it easier than ever to chat with friends on the PS5 using Discord. Here is how the new process works and how to set it up in a flash.
Ethan Winters shoots Lycans in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil 9: release date window, trailers, gameplay, and more

Mix your herbs and get ready to unlock doors by slotting gems into statues because a new Resident Evil is on the way. This is all we know about Resident Evil 9.
A foot kicks an enemy in Anger Foot.

Anger Foot review: Devolver’s latest delivers more schlock than awe

Anger Foot has all the makings of a schlocky fun action game, but it never quite finds its balance amid messy design.
Geoff Keighley shows a slide showing the top 10 selling Steam Games of 2024.

Every summer 2024 gaming showcase: full schedule and stream recaps

Trying to catch up on summer showcases you missed in June? Here's what aired and what was shown at each.
Frostpunk 2 runs on a MacBook.

Apple’s gaming push is heating up faster than you think

Apple is getting more serious about gaming, and its efforts are progressing surprisingly fast.
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate logo.

This Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal shaves a few bucks off a membership

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a few dollars off of its already cheap price. If you want it, get it now. Includes access to cloud gaming and hundreds of titles.
A list of indie games on Xbox appears in a grid.

How to redeem codes on Xbox Series X

Game codes and gift cards and fantastic ways to get and receive gifts on your Xbox Series X/S. Knowing how to actually redeem those codes is a little harder.
Dell G15 (2023) sitting on a coffee table.

This Dell G15 gaming laptop with RTX 4050 is on sale for $850

The budget-friendly Dell G15 gaming laptop with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4050 GPU is even more affordable following a $200 discount from Dell, but not for long.
Alienware Aurora R16 sitting on a desk.

This Alienware gaming PC has a $400 price cut today

The Alienware Aurora R16 gaming PC with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Ti graphics card is a huge steal at its discounted price of $1,200 from Dell, so hurry up!
The original Doom UI, with Doomguy's avatar in the middle, underneath him holding a gun that looks like the original Doom. However, he's on top of a Fortnite platform.

We’re shocked we haven’t seen Doom in Fortnite before now

In another edition of can it run Doom?, a game developer made a version that runs inside Fortnite.
Sora and Mario shake hands in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in front of a half moon.

Riot almost made a Smash Bros.-inspired fighting game, report says

A possible Smash Bros. competitor developed by Riot Games was scrapped, according to a new report.
A Descendant in a robot suit fires a gun in The First Descendant.

Best ways to level up your Mastery Rank and more in The First Descendant

There are a ton of systems and mechanics to learn in The First Descendant, but leveling up is the most important. This is the best way to grind Mastery Ranks.
Cloud, Zack, and Sephiroth stand back to back in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

PlayStation Plus’ July game catalog is absolutely stacked

PlayStation just announced the games coming to the PlayStation Plus catalog in July, and there are a lot of standouts.
Anubis, with black fur, an Egyptian-styled neck piece, and a jackal head, shooting magic in Palworld.

Palworld is about to get a whole lot bigger

Even though Palworld is still in early access, developer Pocketpair has entered into a new IP-expanding partnership.

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