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SteamWorld Heist 2 headlines Nintendo’s loaded Indie World Showcase

A boss fight in SteamWorld Heist 2.

We learned that SteamWorld Heist would finally be getting a sequel during Nintendo’s packed April 2024 Indie World Showcase.

Indie World Showcase 4.17.2024 - Nintendo Switch

Initially released on 3DS in 2015, SteamWorld Heist was a 2D turn-based strategy game set within Thunderful’s broader SteamWorld universe. SteamWorld Heist 2, which comes out August 8, swaps the sci-fi space setting for a more grounded pirate-themed one where players are looking to solve a crisis that has made the water of the planet corrode its metallic inhabitants. Along the adventure, players will need to recruit new party members with unique abilities before fighting with them in 2D turn-based shootouts. There’s also overworld travel and combat in a submarine now.

SteamWorld Heist II | Official Reveal Trailer

This wasn’t the only notable reveal at Nintendo’s latest Indie World Showcase. Funnily enough, another pirate-themed sequel, Cat Quest 3, will also be coming out August 8, the same day as SteamWorld Heist 2. Several other games got release dates. Little Kitty, Big City launches May 9, Wario Land-inspired platformer Antonblast is out November 12, and Annapurna Interactive’s eerie puzzle game Lorelei and the Laser Eyes will be released May 16. Ports of Apple Arcade games like TMNT: Splintered Fate and Stitch were also revealed, showing that Nintendo Switch is still a system developers are eager to port their games to.

When it comes to new game announcements, Atari unveiled a reimagining of Yars’ Revenge titled Yars Rising. Some of the games shown off at the Indie World Showcase are coming out today. That includes Switch ports of Sticky Business and Stitch, as well as demos for Antonblast and Europa.

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