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Nintendo Indie World 2024: How to watch and what to expect

Key art for April 2024's Indie World presentation.

Nintendo will hold the first indie world presentation of 2024 tomorrow, April 17. The event will shine a spotlight on some of the most exciting independent games coming to the Nintendo Switch in the coming months. Past showcases have revealed highly anticipated indie games like Another Crab’s Treasure, as well as long-awaited ports for games like Outer Wilds.

Although this is not a full-fledged Nintendo Direct, it’s still a show that fans of independent games will want to tune into. If you’re planning on watching the showcase weive, I’ve rounded up everything you need to know about when to tune in and what to expect from April 2024’s Indie World.

When is the April 2024 Indie World Showcase

Nintendo has confirmed that the next Indie World will begin at 7 a.m. PT on April 17. That means it’s something most people will be able to tune into first thing in the morning. Nintendo says that the event will run for roughly 20 minutes, which is consistent with past streams.

How to watch the April 2024 Indie World Showcase

Indie World Showcase 4.17.2024 - Nintendo Switch

As is the case with all Nintendo presentations, this Indie World will be live streamed right from Nintendo’s official YouTube channel. We’ve embedded a link for the livestream above, so you can watch it live or check it out after the fact via this web page.

What to expect from the April 2024 Indie World Showcase

Indie World showcase lineups are tougher to predict because they tend to deal in lower-profile, unannounced, or unexpected games and ports. The only parameter the official description for the event sets is that it will focus on “announcements and updates on indie games coming to Nintendo Switch in 2024.” That means we could get updates on upcoming indies like World of Goo 2.

As is always the case with major showcases, there is a part of the gaming fandom that’s finally hoping to see Hollow Knight: Silksong here, as we have not seen it in action in almost two years, and it recently got rated by a few different game ratings boards worldwide. I wouldn’t go into this show with the expectation that it will show up, though; just sit back and enjoy all the new indie games Nintendo is highlighting.

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