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DT Daily: HDTV antenna guide, heat by cost, teen car hack shocks industry

Today on DT Daily: How to get awesome HD TV on your HDTV for free, a thermostat you set by cost, and a 14-year-old hacks the entire auto industry. If you’re tired of doling out a ton of cash for your cable TV service, we’re here to…
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DT Daily: Lenovo adware risk, Blomkamp’s Alien movie, in-flight Northern Lights

Today on DT Daily: a security heads up for Lenovo PC owners, Neil Blomkamp finally gets his Alien movie, and a jet so cool, it’s worth a trip to Iceland just to fly in it. Some factory–installed adware on some Lenovo PCs could leave the…
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DT Daily: Samsung’s ‘boring’ problem, Facebook VR, TV show shot with i-cams

Today on DT Daily: why Samsung keeps things boring, Facebook looks to the VR future and a Modern Family episode is shot entirely with i-devices. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the worlds most popular cell phones, and hopes are high for the…
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DT Daily: Neptune smartwatch, Dubai time lapse, Apple and Star Wars

Today on DT Daily: an unusual new smartwatch, a whirlwind tour of Dubai, and just who thought up that controversial lightsaber? The answer may surprise you. Is the Apple Watch out yet? No? Well, until that heavy shoe drops on the smartwatch…
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DT Daily: Bubbly keyboard, FAA drone rules, $1B hack attack

Today on DT Daily: a bubbly keyboard for your i-device, the FAA shoots down a bunch of drone delivery dreams, and the reasons why people try to hack into banks? We’ve got a billion of them. Despite their popularity, touchscreen keyboards…
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Hulu teams with Spurlock for first original programming

Video streaming service Hulu is teaming with "Super Size Me" maker Morgan Spurlock for a six-episode serious following famous people.