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New marketing platform PushSend offers a unified platform for small businesses

Every small business owner knows that marketing is tough these days. There’s no resource more precious than attention, and none rarer. Email campaigns and landing pages are essential parts of any successful marketing strategy, but each requires its own approach, and if you’re using different software for each part of your strategy, you can wind up with problems, juggling multiple platforms and working against the tide to integrate them.

A new platform called PushSend aims to make marketing easy and intuitive for small business owners, offering an “all-in-one” package that businesses can use to create email campaigns, landing pages, and more.

Email is still the sharpest arrow in a marketer’s quiver, and PushSend offers a suite of features for designing email campaigns that will be effective. You can import and manage your email contact lists, organize contacts by specific qualities like demographic or location, and even set up a sequence of emails to be sent at different times.

A great marketing campaign is a multi-pronged approach, however, and email alone isn’t enough. Experiential marketing is all the rage these days, and PushSend is also equipped to help businesses get people interested in attending their events, with tools for publishing gorgeous landing pages, email invites, and convenient registration forms.

It’s not enough to craft a great marketing campaign if you don’t actually know whether it was effective or not. These days, effective businesses are data-driven businesses, and PushSend offers comprehensive analytics tools, so businesses can accurately track the various aspects of their strategy and see which ones are working and which might need to go back to the drawing board.

If all that sounds intriguing, the best is yet to come: You don’t even need to find room in your budget for PushSend. The platform offers a free tier (with no time limit) that comes with most of the features — email segmentation, sequencing, analytics, and so on. You won’t get access to a few things, like automation or third-party integrations, but it’s a good way for smaller businesses to get a feel for the platform, and then upgrade to a higher tier if their needs grow.

If you’re looking for tools to increase individual productivity, we’ve picked out some of the best apps.

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