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2014 Jeep Cherokee: Safety tech

2014 Jeep Cherokee driving

sponsored-by-2014-jeep-cherokee-2Safety was a major consideration in the design of the all-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee, which features technology that can help prevent crashes, and protect vehicle occupants if they do occur.

The 2014 Cherokee is loaded with more than 70 available advanced safety and security features, including several first-time safety technology applications for the Chrysler Group.

One of these new features is Adaptive Cruise Control-Plus, which helps maintain following distance, and under certain conditions can bring the vehicle to a complete stop.

Forward Collision Warning-Plus can also deploy the brakes is a head-on collision appears imminent, alerting the driver to the impact risk and assisting with driver response.

The 2014 Cherokee can assist its driver in other ways. LaneSense Departure Warning-Plus uses the midsize SUV’s electronic power steering to deliver a torque input to alert the driver if he or she strays out of the lane, and assist with corrective action.

To ease parking, the 2014 Cherokee is available with ParkSense Parallel/Perpendicular Park Assist. This system uses ultrasonic sensors mounted in the vehicle’s bumpers to find and guide the driver into a parking space.

While the driver initiates the parking maneuver and controls the gear position, throttle, and brakes, the system helps by automatically controlling the steering angle. Parallel parking is possible on either side of the car, as is back-in perpendicular parking.

Each 2014 Cherokee model is also equipped with 10 standard airbags, including seat-mounted side pelvic-thorax airbags in both rows and full-length side-curtain airbags. These advanced multi-stage airbags can deploy at varying speeds depending on the severity of impact forces.

If a crash does occur, the 2014 Cherokee’s available Uconnect Access via Mobile can be used to connect directly with emergency services.

Vehicle occupants just need to press the “9-1-1” button on the Jeep Cherokee’s rearview mirror, and they’ll be connected with a local emergency-service dispatcher. The “Assist” button summons help from Chrysler roadside assistance for non-emergency situations.

Driving itself is made easier with electronic aids, including: all-speed traction control, stability control, anti-lock brakes, and electronic brake-force distribution.

The 2014 Cherokee also features a brake traction-control system, which applies braking to individual wheels to prevent wheel spin during acceleration or slow-speed driving, and a brake-lock differential system, which allows the vehicle to maintain forward motion if one or two wheels are slipping by aggressively applying braking.

In addition, Cheorkee models equipped with Selec-Speed Control have hill-ascent and hill-descent control features that allow the Cherokee to traverse steep grades with minimal driver input.

With such a complete suite of available safety features, the 2014 Jeep Cherokee isn’t just ready for what the driver throws at it, it’s ready for the driver can’t expect.

 The 2014 Jeep Cherokee is available now at a base price of $23,990 (including destination).

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