Nissan announces Note NISMO for performance arm’s 30th anniversary

Historically, NISMO has specialized in taking already fast Nissans and augmenting them to enhance performance, aggression, and tuner car-inspired style.

Because of NISMO’s passion for motorsport, it’s no surprise to see tricked-out versions of the 370Z and GT-R in its catalog, but Nissan’s performance division doesn’t stop tuning at the racetrack.

NISMO has announced a sporty version of the Versa Note, a five-door multi-person vehicle (MPV), in celebration of a big milestone for the company. NISMO CEO Shoichi Miyatani explains.

“Celebrating NISMO’s 30th anniversary, we are planning to expand the number of models available in our road-car lineup,” he said. “The Note NISMO we introduced today is truly symbolic to the NISMO brand in that it represents the fusion between motorsports that’s embedded in NISMO’s DNA and the success of the Note as a mass production vehicle.”

NISMO vehicles generally receive a modest bump in power over their standard counterparts: The NISMO GT-R has 50 more ponies than the normal car, and the 370Z has roughly 20 more. Engine specs on NISMO’s Note haven’t been released yet, but NISMO promises a tuned gas engine with “a fruitful supply of low-end torque.”

Given the 1.6-liter MPV’s family-friendly status, though, I wouldn’t expect a huge bump in power over the standard unit. There’s always room for improvement, though, as Severnvalley Motorsport proved with its ridiculous 1,100-hp Qashqai.

The sporty Note will have a plethora of suspension, aerodynamic, and aesthetic upgrades. NISMO’s photos show a custom front grill, aggressive new bumpers, and red accents highlighting the car’s mirrors and side skirts. It will have custom Recaro seats, lower ground clearance, and stickier tires as well, which is “accumulated from NISMO’s experience in motorsports that offers high performance with flawless balance,” said Miyatani.

The Note NISMO goes on sale this fall.