2016 Nissan Maxima scheduled to debut at the New York Auto Show

Nissan Maxima

Believe it or not, dancing sharks and fourth-quarter gaffs weren’t the only things to go down at Super Bowl XLIX.

One such event was Nissan’s tear-jerking “With Dad” commercial, which documents the struggles of a hardworking racecar driver trying to spend more time with his family. The film shows the driver’s wife and son learn to deal with his absence as together they endure the ups and downs of competition.

Buried within the TV spot was also a sneak peek at the new Maxima (pictured), which Nissan is marketing as a “4-Door Sports Car.” The automaker has since confirmed that the 2016 model will debut in April at the New York International Auto Show.

Details on the executive car are slim at the moment, but from the photos, we can see the brand’s ubiquitous V-motion front end as well as the floating roof design that was showcased on the new Murano SUV. With its muscular lines, heavily contoured fascias, and arrow-like headlights, the car looks aggressive and powerful.

Nissan Maxima

The vehicle’s design and “sports car” label lead us to believe that the new Maxima will be, well, sporty. That likely means a stout V6 engine, which is rumored to produce more than 260 horsepower. The current car makes 290 hp, so we hope it doesn’t dip too far below that.

For more info, it looks like we’ll be waiting until the New York International Auto Show. The event kicks off April 3rd.

Also featured in Nissan’s “With Dad” advertisement was the GT-R LM NISMO racecar. The hybrid GT-R will compete with Audi, Toyota, and Porsche for an overall win this year at Le Mans.

Going against the grain somewhat, the NISMO is both front-engined and front-wheel drive.