That was fast: BMW already planning hardcore M4 variant

BMW M4 Coupe Concept profile view

Apparently, BMW’s engineers have short attention spans.

The redesigned M3 sedan and new M4 coupe aren’t even here yet, but BMW is already planning hotter versions.

Australia’s Motoring reports that the Bavarians are preparing a stripped-down, track-ready version of the M4 for the company’s 100th anniversary in 2016.

The new model will ditch luxuries in favor of a lighter curb weight, in the vein of the E46 M3 CSL. The engineers at BMW’s M Division hope to remove around 220 pounds from the car.

To do that, they’ll add even more carbon fiber. The M4 will have a carbon fiber roof and trunk lid, but this hardcore version will also have a hood and front fenders made from the lightweight material.

On the inside, the rear seats will reportedly be deleted, and the fronts will be replaced with carbon fiber shells. The rest of the interior will get Alcantara trim instead of leather.

The powertrain will also be no-nonsense.

The car will be offered with a six-speed manual transmission coupled to a more powerful version of the stock M4’s twin-turbocharged inline-six. Nothing to exotic there, but that’s all right.

However, BMW officials say this new M4 model won’t be a direct successor to the lightweight M3 CSL coupe.

“It’s difficult for a CSL today. We have already major steps that we would have taken, like thinner glass and lighter seats and lighter wheels and less sound deadening. We’ve already done all of that,” Motoring’s anonymous BMW source said.

With the stock M4 already so well-optimized, it should be a tough act to follow.

The full meal deal M4 is set to debut at the Detroit Auto Show and January, with hardcore version to follow later.