Doubleback camper gives the RV a modern makeover


Life is full of so many tough choices. We’re forced to make crucial judgment calls every single day: whether it’s vanilla or chocolate, Coke or Pepsi, Hannity or Colmes, oversized RV or van? It’s not easy! But now, thanks to British company Doubleback, you don’t have to choose anymore… well, at least not when it comes to choosing between an RV motorhome and a van. Sorry chocoholics.

Putting the sexy back in camping, the folks at Doubleback have taken a VW Transporter T5 and turned it into the ultimate camper van. For those that want the freedom and independence an RV can bring, with the comparable fuel efficiency and convenient size of a van, then the Doubleback looks to be  a solid choice.

What makes the Doubleback unique is just how much space it actually has, and how easily you can contract or expand its size to fit your recreational needs. Need more room? Use the electric slide-out rear pod that adds nearly two meters (over six feet) to the vehicle’s rear. You can even expand the roof and walk around the camper van’s kitchen and lounge.

Powering the Doubleback custom camper is a 2.0 TDI VW engine, which based off of official figures from VW will get a combined 36.7 miles per gallon, although due to modifications and weight of the rear pod that number could suffer slightly.

According to Doubleback, the T5 was the optimal choice, allowing the company to apply their design ideas and offer a “modern take on the classic Campers of the 60’s.” The space van provides allows it to be large enough to fit all your recreational needs, while being small enough to take to the open roads that may prove too difficult for larger motorhomes – and of course, finding a space to park the Doubleback van will undoubtedly be easier than a mid-to-full-size RV.

Pricing for the Doubleback starts at £55,000 (about $87,000), but now for the bad news: the Doubleback van is only available in the UK, so admirers this side of the pond are out of luck.