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On land or sea: restored amphibious 1944 VW Schwimmwagen for sale on eBay

This eBay listing ticks the boxes for many collectors, or just for people who like to look at interesting older cars.

Old car buffs, World War II collectors, and people who think amphibious vehicles are the best idea ever need to check out this 1944 Volkswagen Schwimmwagen Type 166 currently listed as a Buy It Now item on eBay.

According to statements by the owner on the listing, the dual-purpose VW has been driven less than 100 miles since restoration but does need freshening up. He wrote, “Ran great when I parked it in the warehouse a year ago. Needs fluids changed and a 6-volt battery to run.” The vehicle comes with an extra transmission and propeller out drive plus other spare parts. There is no mention of whether this vehicle has been in the water since restoration, if ever.

The Schwimmwagen is currently located in Scotts Valley, California and will need to be shipped from or picked up there. The registration status is currently “non-operative” and it has CA license plate “44 VW.” The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) may amuse you in its brevity, 11677. According to the listing, the restoration was done in Germany with supportive photos and documentation included in the sale.

The VW Schwimmwagen has four-wheel drive and runs on gasoline.  According to Wikipedia, The Type 166 “is the most numerous mass-produced amphibious car in history” with 14,265 made from 1942 to 1944. Powered by a 25 hp, 1,131 cc engine, the 4-speed manual transmission has a 2-speed transfer case and its four-wheel drive works only in first gear and reverse. Also according to Wikipedia, only 189 specimens are thought to exist today by the Schwimmwagen Registry, of which only 13 have not been restored.

The Schwimmwagen listed on eBay has a Buy It Now price of $180,000 with an immediate $500 payment from a buyer — a good move to minimize false bids. The listing expires on Monday, January 30 at 9:36 a.m. PT.

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