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Where ya headed? Jon Olsson’s 1,000-horsepower Audi RS6 is the ‘uber’ Uber

Jon Olsson’s Audi RS6 DTM – most sought after car in the history of Uber Stockholm
Looks like everyone with a spare car is getting into the Uber game these days. This now includes professional skier and car enthusiast Jon Olsson, who hit the streets of Stockholm, shuttling Uber users around in his street-legal 1,000-horsepower Audi RS6.

No, he’s not trying to make ends meet during the off-season. Olsson is participating in this year’s Gumball 3000 rally event, which kicks off in the Swedish city and ends in Las Vegas. To drum up publicity, Olsson partnered up with the app-based taxi service to take some of the locals for a few wild rides.

Jon Olsson Audi RS6

Olsson and his high-powered Audi was available to call up on the Uber app for a block of six hours on the 15th of Friday, during which he received 5,700 booking requests. A lucky 11 plus their friends got a chance to have Olsson drive them around town, to a cafe, or wherever Stockholm Uber users normally go.

The car itself it s a DTM-insipred RS6 designed by Koenigsegg’s former chief engineer. Under all the extra racing bodywork is a 4.0-liter V8 mounted with 18-karat gold anodized turbochargers. This blinged-out power plant can churn up 950 horsepower with regular gas, which can jump over 1,000 hp with race fuel.

Jon Olsson Audi RS6

Naturally, the skier has a custom carbon fiber roof box mounted on the top for his powder-cutting blades.

The notorious rally event will kick off this Sunday, May 24th where the participants will head out on their transcontinental irresponsibility tour through Europe, ending up in Amsterdam, where the first leg ends. Cars then arrive in Reno, Nevada, looping through California, then ending at the illustrious casino mecca on the 30th.

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