Carbon fiber and aluminum? Naw. This guy’s car is made from expanding foam

Carmakers these days are using lightweight materials like carbon fiber and aluminum to reduce girth and increase fuel economy, but no one has tried to make a car out of expanding foam.

Until now, that is.

Yes, the material used to fill voids in buildings and make things float was one man’s ideal starting point for four-wheeled transportation. Well that, and the shell of a Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class.

It all seems too strange to be true, yet photos of the foam car were posted to imgur by Reddit user Geeky. They prove that not everything in one’s imagination deserves to be made real.

The car is the product of a Lithuanian man, who apparently wasn’t satisfied by merely turning a bare shell into a working automobile with foam. Just look at those wheels.

It’s hard to tell if the car is actually drivable, and whether the foam will hold up at highway speeds. It’s probably quite buoyant, though.

(Photo credit: Geeky)